Air washer for Museum, Libraries, Collections, and Archives

The air washer is perfectly equipped to ensure optimum room air quality at all addition to the relative humidity, the intelligent combined sensor also permanently detects the particle burden of the room air and autonomously controls the automatic mode for perfectly humidified and cleaned air.

The advantage of this air washer in night mode, the air washer operates ultra-silently and reliably frees the room air of pollutants while maintaining an ideal humidity level thanks to the natural principle of self-regulating cold evaporation so that your skin, nose, and eyes are protected against drying out and you can benefit from a good night’s sleep. Additionally, an optimal humidity level also ensures reliable protection of your furniture, plants, parquet floors and musical instruments against drying out due to too dry room air.

Applications of Air washer, model no.VAC-AW-20-S

The air washer, model no. VAC-AW-20 is useful for following applications,

    1. To maintain clean the air in libraries.
    2. To maintain and control clean the air in museums. 
    3. For dry keeping tasks in documents storage. 
    4. To maintain and control clean the air in the Food Industry.
    5. It is used to control Low humidity level affects furniture, painting, artifacts, and musical instruments, etc. which will become dry and develop cracks at low humidity. 

Features of Air washer, model no.VAC-AW-20-S

    1. Sensors based humidity control for the air humidifier which can be adjusted by the user.
    2. This baby humidifier has an extremely silent operation of less than 40 decibels.
    3. Variable fan adjustment, to adjust as per user comfort. 
    4. Large water container and hence continuous monitoring is not required.  
    5. Intelligent combined sensor for simultaneous measurement of air humidity and quality enables energy-saving automatic operation.
    6. HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air purification efficiency.
    7. Low-maintenance and uncomplicated – easy disassembly and cleaning. 
    8. Different operating modes available.
    9. Different operating modes available.
    10. Low follow-up costs for maintenance and care.

Specifications of Air washer, model no VAC-AW-20-S for air washer in museum, libraries, collection, and archives, home and office & food industry

Total weight is 10 kg with 410L x 325W x 420H unit dimensions.

    1. Fan will operate three different stages.
    2. This air washer for Museum, Libraries, Collections, and Archives has a water tank capacity is 9 liters.
    3. This device operates at a low noise level of less than 55 decibels.
    4. This air washer for home and the office has a filter that is easily accessible and cleanable.
    5. Maximum humidification performance 750 ml/h.
    6. Display of relative humidity 20%to 60%.
    7. This air washer home and the office has a Suitable for rooms sized up to 55 m² /138 m3.
    8. The Maximum air volume is 228 m3/h.
    9. This air washer for the food industry has a Power consumption maximum is 24W.
    10. Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m (max. stage) 47 decibel.

We supply these air washer AW 20 S in museum, libraries, collection, and archives, home, and office, food industry across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.