Comfort Dehumidifier TTK 127 E for drying of laundry, Cellar or storage spaces and moulds prevention coming from excess humidity

The TTK 127 uses the principle of condensation to automatically dehumidify rooms with less difficulty for the user. The TTK 127 E has a dehumidification performance for up to 50 liters per day maximum. The device works for suctioning the damp room air going in through the air inlet, then passing on through the air filter which goes to the evaporator and finally to the condenser. At the cold evaporator, the air will be cooled until it reached below the dew point. The room air contained water vapor precipitates on the evaporator as condensation or rime. In the condenser, the dehumidified cooled air is being warmed a little bit and blow it out. Then finally, the drier air is mixed with the air in the room where the device is operated. With this process, the humidity in the room is reduced and the air is continuously circulating the device making it more comfortable in the area. Depending on the temperature, the device will help you regulates the humidity level to synchronized with the room temperature giving a perfect climate for your indoors.

The humidity value to be maintained by the use of hygrostat controlled dehumidification function can be set depending on the user requirement. When the desired target value has reached, the device will automatically switch on and off again to save energy. A humidity level of 35% and 85% in increments of 5% is available in the setting range. The TTK 127 is installed with a timer function where you can program how much time you will use the device. Also for the water tank storage, an overflow protection is made to avoid overflowing from the tank and prevent water leakage where the device is placed. A warning light shows signal once the water tank storage is full. The built-in air filter is completely washable making the air purification removes dust and animal fur. The external condensation draining can be per0manent once you installed a separate hose connection for a continuous operation. 

In addition, the TTK 127 E has a special function by the use of the Comfort button where the humidity value on the temperature is regulated by the hygrostat into a much comfortable humidity level. Overall, the TTK 127 will bring you the best indoor Climate.

Applications of Comfort Dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-127 E

      1. It is used to dehumidify the room air in a continuous operation.
      2. It is used to dry out the air and take away the moldy scent.
      3. It is suited for dry keeping of unheated basements or storage spaces.
      4. It helps to improve the quality of air which provides relief from such allergies.
      5. It can also be used to dry home activities such as arts and crafts, paintings, etc.
      6. It is used for clearing or fixing a water damage area during operation.
      7. It is used for dehumidifying different location on building sites.
      8. It is used to dry water drippings on the floor, sweating walls and wet floor.
      9. It helps the room temperature to regulates the level of humidity for a much comfortable air.
      10. It assists the way of drying your laundry in your living spaces, utility rooms and any in any areas inside your home without an unpleasant smell.
      11. It is used to remove musty smell in your home making the room smell clean and fresh.
      12. It is used to prevent the formation of unwelcome moulds that is dangerous to your health.
      13. It improves the storage life of foods such as dry cereal, nuts and bread to keep from developing mold.

Features of Comfort Dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-127 E

      1. It has a hygrostat controlled automatic dehumidification function where you can fix the humidity value you want to maintain.
      2. The dehumidification process of TTK 127 can cover a room sized up to 150 m².
      3. The TTK 127 E has a 6 liters’ capacity size of tank for water storage.
      4. It comes with an overflow protection to avoid water leakage where the device is placed.
      5. It has a sensor for the water tank which automatically switch of the device once the water tank is full.
      6. A pipe can be installed on the rear of the device for continuously draining of the condensed water.
      7. It has a clear designed control panel made easy to understand and displays the current level of humidity in the room.
      8. It has a ‘comfort’ button which converts the humidity on the temperature to a much comfortable level of humidity.
      9. It is installed with a two stage fan making it more productive in its dehumidification process.
      10. It has a washable air filter that retains lint and animal hair which can be quickly wiped and easily washed out. 
      11. The TTK 127 E is made to be fully automatic with just a push of button the device will automatically regulates the humidity value to a convenient level depending on the temperature.
      12. It comes with a timer function which greatly programs the device within a given number of hours for it to operate.
      13. The timer is programmable for 0.5 hours (0 to 10h) up to 1 hour (10 to 24h) which helps you to adapt the dehumidification to your kind of lifestyle.

Specifications of Comfort Dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-127E for drying of laundry, Cellar or storage spaces and moulds prevention coming from excess humidity:

      1. At 30°C / 80% RH the dehumidification performance is 46.8 l/24h.
      2. The maximum of the dehumidification performance 50 l/24h.
      3. Minimum temperature range for surrounding conditions is 5°C
      4. Maximum temperature range for surrounding conditions is 32°C
      5. The minimum humidity range for surrounding conditions is 35% RH
      6. The maximum humidity range for surrounding conditions is 100% RH
      7. The recommended room size for construction drying in m³ is 180
      8. The recommended room size for construction drying in m² is 78
      9. The recommended room size for dry keeping in m³ is 375
      10. The recommended room size for dry keeping in m² is 150
      11. The maximum amount of air is 353 m³/h
      12. For electrical values, the mains connection is 220-240 V / 50 Hz
      13. It has a nominal current consumption of 5.4 A
      14. It has a power input of 1.06 kW
      15. The recommended fusing for electrical values is 10 A.
      16. Its GWP factor is 3
      17. The compressor’s CO2 is equivalent to 0.00044 t
      18. The compressor’s Suction side pressure is 1 MPa.
      19. The compressor’s discharge side pressure is 2.6 MPa.
      20. The water tank capacity is 6 liters
      21. The connection plug type is CEE 7/7
      22. It has a cable length of 1.6 meter
      23. The type of cooling agent for TTK 127 E is R290
      24. The amount of cooling agent in the compressor is 145g
      25. The sound values for a distance of 1 m is 50 dB(A)
      26. The dimensions of TTK 127 E are L 282 x W 392 x H 616
      27. The weight of the TTK 127E is 19 kg (packaging excluded)

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