Commercial Dehumidifier for living rooms and basements

This Commercial Dehumidifier is a highly efficient machine with up to 50 l/24h dehumidification capacity. This machine is suitable for construction drying of room-sized up to 225 m³ or 90 m² and for dry keeping of room-sizes of up to 450 m³ or 180 m². It is manufactured by Trotec, Germany which specializes in comprehensive condition monitoring, controlling, and maintenance solutions.

It can be transferred easily anywhere due to its transport handle, non-marking full-rubber wheels, adjustable bar handle, and rotary compressor which helps you to start the machine immediately after placement. The type of compressor used is rotary piston. It also features a high-quality hot air defrosting system. It has an integrated operating tracker that records the period of operation precisely and reliably even during longer drying operations.

By design, all electrical components are secured against dust and humidity too. The special enclosure provides full protection of the electronic equipment against any dangerous item that can penetrate and reduce functionality and durability. This enclosure allows the commercial dehumidifier to operate a hazardous environment in various locations.

Applications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S

The Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S is useful for the following applications:

1. It is used for the dehumidification and drying purposes in bedrooms.
2. It is used for maintaining the dryness in archives.
3. It is used for keeping storage spaces dry.
4. It is used in dehumidifying and drying the living rooms.
5. It is used in holiday homes and camper vans.
6. It is used in garages.
7. It is used to dehumidify the toilets, washrooms and changing rooms and to keep them dry.
8. It is used to dehumidify and dry the basements.
9. It is used in keeping laboratories dry.
10. It is used to dehumidify and dry the laundry.
11. It helps to dehumidify the boats and keep them dry.

Features of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S

1. It has a very simple build to manage.
2. It features excellent handling.
3. It is completely developed, designed, and manufactured by Trotec.
4. It has high efficiency in dehumidification and can operate even at low temperatures.
5. It features maximum protection against dust and humidity for all electrical components.
6. It has a functional stacking groove for storage and transport which is safe and space-saving.
7. It is stackable with models that are equally sized.
8. Due to its rotary compressor, it is compact and easy to store anywhere.
9. It has a trolley design that allows you to transfer it from one location to another.
10. It has an air filter that is easily accessible and easy to clean.
11. It has an operating hours counter that tracks the period of work.

Specifications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S for bedrooms, laboratories,
and basements:

1. The recommended room size for construction drying is 225 m³ or 90 m².
2. For dry keeping, the recommended room size is up to 450 m³ or 180 m².
3. It can be operated at 5 °C to 32 °C at 32% to 100% RH.
4. The power supply of this commercial dehumidifier for use in laboratories is 230 V/50 Hz.
5. The nominal current consumption is 4 A.
6. The power input is 0.9 kW.
7. The recommended fusing is 10 A.
8. It has 18 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 20 °C / 60 % RH.
9. It has a 40 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 30 °C / 80 % RH.
10. The maximum dehumidification performance of this commercial dehumidifier for use in bedrooms is 50 l/24h.
11. The amount of air is up to 580 m³/h.
12. The weight of this commercial dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S is 35 kg, packaging not included.
13. It has an automatic defrosting of hot gas.
14. It has a non-stop dehumidification.
15. It has an analog hygrostat for automatic dehumidification.
16. It has hygrostat-controlled for automatic dehumidification.
17. This commercial dehumidifier for use in basements has a rotary piston compressor.
18. The type of cooling agent is R-410A.
19. The amount of cooling agent is 510 g.
20. The GWP factor is 2,088.
21. The CO2 equivalent of this compressor is 1.06 t.
22. The compressor has 1.2 MPa suction side pressure and 4.2 MPa discharge side pressure.
23. It has a water tank with 6 L capacity.
24. The sound level of this commercial dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S at 1 m distance is 52 dB(A).
25. It has full rubber wheels that are non-marking.
26. It has a carry/transport handle.
27. It has an adjustable bar handle.
28. The dimensions of this commercial dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S are L 390 x W 380 x H 643 mm without the packaging.
29. This commercial dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S is stackable.
30. The housing design of this commercial dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-175S is steel-coated.
31. The type of fan used is axial with stages 1.
32. The condensate tank monitoring has an available container.
33. The condensate tank monitoring can be shut-off when full.
34. It has an indicator when the container of the condensate tank is full.
35. The air filter is readily accessible and cleanable.
36. It has an operating hours counter.
37. The power meter is optionally available.
38. The hose connection is possible in the condensate drain.
39. The hose is included in the scope of delivery.
40. The condensate pump is optionally available.
41. The recommended size of the hose is 19 mm.
42. It has a protective bar for controlling the panel.

We supply this Commercial Dehumidifier for bedrooms, laboratories, and basements across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.