Condensation Dehumidifier for art galleries and Museums

The Condensation Dehumidifier DH60 VPR+ is a versatile solution for climate management with pretty designs. It is a unique solution in the world to protect and fight against moisture, odor, dust and air pollutants. The Dehumidifier DH15 VPR+ fully designed and manufactured with high standard components by Trotec, Germany. It specially designed for museums, libraries, classic car garages, and wine cellars. 

The advantage of this VPR+ series dehumidifier is designed to operate as an all-rounder for environment management.  And control components are protected from unauthorizes access which allows installing in public areas. It comes with an automatic condensation pump for continuous operation.

DH60 VPR+ is also available with different colors and different materials faceplate to suit with your interior designs. It has hot gas automatic defrost system to protect the compressor and evaporator from ice forming. Due to well-orchestrated components and design, it can be easy to install without any additional construction and ideally suited for the places where to maintain healthy air characteristics.

Application of Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-60 VPR+

    1. To maintain the humidity in libraries.
    2. To maintain and control the humidity in museums.
    3. Environment management in art galleries and classic car garages.
    4. For dry keeping tasks in documents storage.
    5. To keep the dry environment in semi-conductor workshops.

Features of Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-60 VPR+

    1. Climate management with 4in1 protection for moisture, dust, odor and air pollutants.
    2. Functioning with automatic Hot gas automatic defrost system.
    3. It is equipped with a two-components filter to remove dust and soot in the air.
    4. Optionally available with different colors and different material’s faceplate.
    5. Equipped with an air filter for cleaning the air from allergens and pollen. 
    6. It comes with an industrial ionizer for odor removal from the air.
    7. It has an inbuilt condensation pump for fully automatic operation.

Specifications of the Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-60 VPR+ for dehumidification in libraries, art galleries & museums, garages, etc. 

    1. The compressor of this Condensation Dehumidifier for libraries is working with R-407C refrigerant gas.
    2. The Dehumidifier can operate in both 50 HZ supply with 230Voltage.
    3. The Nominal current consumption is 7.5A.
    4. The Condensation Dehumidifier for art galleries and museums consumes 1.2 KW power.
    5. The operating temperature range is 50 Celsius to 400Celsius. 
    6. The Operating humidity range is 30%Rh to 90%Rh.
    7. The maximum dehumidification capacity of Condensation Dehumidifier for garages and semiconductor workshops is 90litre/24hour
    8. The volume of air in the stage maximum is 1065m3/hour.
    9. The users can control the humidity by provided internal hygrostat.
    10. The heat emission of this unit is 3.5KW.
    11. The heat emission coefficient of performance (COP) is 2.9.
    12. It is equipped with an automatic condensation pump for continuous operation.
    13. It comes with an ionizer selectable room air filter.
    14. The amount of cooling agent in the compressor is 800grams.
    15. The GWP factor of the compressor is 1774.
    16. The compressor of DH30 VPR+ operates with 0.7MPa suction pressure and 2.7MPa discharge pressure. 
    17. The compressor has 1.419[t] CO2 equivalent. 
    18.  The condensation dehumidifier is designed with the dimension of Length 280mm, width 1255mm, Height 690mm, and 90Kg weight.  
    19. The Desiccant Dehumidifier operates with 54dB(A) in the distance of 3meter sound values. 
    20. It has a hot gas automatic defrosting function to protect the evaporator from ice forming.
    21. The recommended condensation hose size is 5mm.

We supply this Condensation Dehumidifier for dehumidification in libraries, art galleries, museums, and garages across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.