External Condensate Pump for Unattended rooms, Swimming pool

External Condensate Pump Our best recommendation for the permanent combined use
with pool dehumidifiers.
With its extremely robust and hard-wearing V4A housing this external condensate pump
was designed specifically for the failure-free continuous operation in combination with pool
dehumidifiers of the DS series, but can also be used with other dehumidifiers without a
Unique – adaptive operational control of the dehumidifier for a failure-free continuous
operation the pump comes equipped with a safety function for the automatic switch-off of
the connected dehumidifier in case of overload. Should the condensate supply temporarily
exceed the pump’s capacity, the pump automatically switches the dehumidifier off and back
on once the load range is again reached.
The power for the dehumidifier can be supplied via the pump’s service socket. Another
option is the direct supply; provided for this purpose are a female connector and internal
plug connections ready to install.

Applications of External Condensate Pump, model no. VAC- Pump
1. Its application works for long period man unattended rooms.
2. In swimming pools, this device combined with a DS series pool dehumidifier to pump
the humid water out.
3. To pump the water up to 4.3 meters high applications.

Features of External Condensate Pump, model no. VAC- Pump

1. Flexible application when mounted to the wall or positioned on the floor.
2. Designed for continuous operation when used in combination with pool
3. Adaptive operational control of the connected dehumidifier.
4. Effective V4A corrosion protection – extremely resistant even to particularly reactive
air mixtures such as chloramines.
Specifications of Condensate Pump, model no. VAC- Pump for
Unattended rooms, Swimming pool
1. The device operating temperature range is 1.5 to 50 50°C
2. Its Feed hose connection is ½ inch dia.
3. This device Pumping water capacity up to 4.3 meters high.
4. This External Condensate Pump for swimming pools has a discharge hose connection
12mm dia to drain the water.
5. It has a tank volume capacity of 0.8l.
6. Its feed rate is 160l/h.
7. The device operated with 230V/50HZ.
8. This External Condensate Pump for unattended rooms at high performance It
consumes 0.75 Ampere current.
9. This External Condensate Pump for whirlpools, this device designed with IP44
protection type.
10. Minimum distance required to place from wall 15cms and objects 50 cms.
11. The device has 8.45 kg weight.
We supply these External Condensate Pump with DS series pool dehumidifiers for swimming
pools across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda,
Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius,
Gabon, Seychelles, etc.