High-Performance Fan for Construction, Restoration work

Like all high-performance fans of the TTV series this was also specially designed with a high service life and reliability for the toughest practical requirements in harsh surroundings, even for the stresses and strains resulting from continuous operation in frequently changing locations.

Whether to speed up construction drying, for dust collection or the ventilation on construction sites, in storage spaces and workshops or the agriculture – this device has a smart ventilation solution for all users looking for a budget-optimized high-performance fan.

During the device operation the adjustable 2 stage axial fan with its high air pressure and enormous airflow rate up to 5000 m³ / h, this approximately 1388 liters of air per second, therefore, this device ideal for high air volume applications.

Applications of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 4500 S

    1. It uses for the Constructions site for fast drying.
    2. The device uses for Restoration work.
    3. The device uses for Machinery companies.
    4. The device mostly uses for industrial customers for ventilations

Features of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 4500 S

    1. Robust compact housing with integrated hose connector and handle.
    2. Adjustable in two stages of high air output.
    3. Positive interlinking of several devices to increase performance possible.
    4. Batch operation with up to three devices – up to five devices can be stacked in the warehouse.
    5. Integrated service socket.
    6. Analog operating hours counter available.
    7. Optionally availably with tilt frame.

Specifications of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 4500 S for Construction, Restoration work & Machinery

    1. The device Airflow has two sections, blowing & sucking.
    2. Air outlet speed is 11 m / s and 39.6 km / h.
    3. The throwing range outside is 15 meters and inside is 50 meters.
    4. Air pressure max is 130 Pa
    5. Conveyor temperature max 45 ° C
    6. The device required Electrical connection voltage is 230 V / 50 Hz
    7. External fuse protection recommendation is 10Amps
    8. The device has an IP44 level Degree of protection
    9. Plug standard is CEE 7/7 and cable length is 4m
    10. The operating sound level at 3-meter distance is 74dB.
    11. Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) is 330 x 530 x 560.
    12. The device weight is 14.8 kg
    13. Hose connection dimension is Ø 480 mm
    14. Air volume level 1 is 4,350 m³ / h
    15. Air volume level 2 is 5,000 m³ / h.

We supply these High-Performance Fan for Construction, Restoration work and Machinrie industries across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.