High-Performance Fan for Production, Storage& Agriculture

This High-Performance Fan is an optimal choice for all ventilation tasks in production and storage areas or agricultural operations where high air volumes are to be circulated, Because with its air capacity that can be switched up to 8,500 m³ / h and an impressive throw range of 65 meters indoors.

This high-performance fan has been specially designed for the toughest practical requirements in harsh environments with a long service life and reliability, even during material-consuming continuous operation at frequently changing locations, it is not only ideally suited for industry, construction or handicraft, but also the perfect solution for every machine rental company.

Applications of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 7000

      1. It uses for production units.
      2. The device uses for Machine rental companies.
      3. The device uses for Storage areas.
      4. The device mostly uses for the Agricultural for ventilations.
      5. The device uses for construction sites.

Features of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 7000

      1. Manufactured in keeping with high industrial standards, Air pressure is 100Pa axial fan.
      2. Extremely robust for the professional continuous operation even in the toughest of circumstances.
      3. Reduced investment and maintenance costs. more effective warehousing, greater flexibility are advantages.
      4. The device has IP55 Splashproof.
      5. Space-saving stackability for transport and storage.
      6. Suitable for connection of a dust bag for the removal of dirt particles by suction.

Specifications of High-Performance Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 7000 for Production, Storage& Agriculture 

      1. Axial fan type with 3-speed stages.
      2. Maximum freely blowing Air volume is 8500m³/h.
      3. Air discharge speed is 11m/s and 39.6km/h.
      4. The outside discharge distance is 20 meters.
      5. This High-Performance Fan for Production applications, its Inside discharge distance is up to 65 meters.
      6. The power connection plug standard is CEE 7/7.
      7. The required main power supply for the device is 230V/50HZ.
      8. The current consumption at high performance is 1.8 Ampere.
      9. External fuse recommendation is 10 Amps.
      10. High-Performance Fan for Storage applications, has the less device operating noise level is 58 dB at 3-meter distance.
      11. This High-Performance Fan for Agricultural applications, the recommended hose connector size is 450mm.
      12. Easy to carry and stackable.
      13. The weight of the device is 18.5kg.
      14. Air pressure at the maximum stage is 100Pa.

We supply these High-Performance Fan for Production, Storage& Agriculture industries across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.