Ice Maker

Are you thinking of buying an ice maker for your home or requiring an ice maker for industry to produce ice on a large scale? In either case, Vacker Africa is here to help you! We are the largest and best supplier of ice maker in the African region. You can get our high quality ice makers in different countries of Africa such as Djibouti, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Chad, etc.

What is an Ice Maker?

Although ice can be obtained from a simple refrigerator they can produce little amount of ice. So if you require a large amount of ice than it is better to use ice maker. Ice maker can be used to produce large ice slabs in industrial level too. For household during different functions such as parties, family meetings etc. ice maker help to fulfill the demand of ice unlike other freezer and refrigerators which are able to produce ice in low amount.

Principle of ice-making

The ice maker consists of four main parts which are as follows:

  1. The evaporator
  2. The condenser
  3. The compressor
  4. The throttle valve

The compressor in the ice maker compresses the refrigerant vapor which is in low pressure into high pressure. The high pressure refrigerant vapor is transferred towards the condenser which is converted into liquid due to high pressure. The throttle in the device helps to convert the high pressure liquid into low pressure liquid which is then moved to the evaporator where the liquid absorbs heat and ice is created.

Ice maker by Vacker Africa

Vacker Africa supplies different range of ice maker for homes, offices, hotels, industries etc. The ice maker supplied by our company comes with the most competent price. All of the products supplied by us is ISO certified and comes with the warranty of our company. Now with our sophisticated, absolutely unique design, making ice cube is just your fingertips away.

We provide home deliveries for our clients. Our team of experts tests the ice maker many times before reaching your home. Our team of experts inspects the ice maker before the delivery. We also provide free installation service and advice totally free of charge. Commercial cube ice maker, bullet ice maker, flake ice maker, snow ice maker etc. are the various products supplied by our company. You can easily choose the appropriate model of ice maker with the right capability for you from the wide range of ice maker we provide.

Flake ice maker

You can easily make direct ice from the sea water with the help of our flake ice maker. These flake ice find its application in the storage and transportation of fish and various sea products. Purchase our flake ice maker today to keep different products such as fruits, fish, meat, vegetables etc. fresh for a long time.

Cube ice maker

These cube ice maker supplied by our company is particularly manufactured for household use but can be used for commercial reason in hotels, restaurants etc. Our ice maker capacity ranges from 30kg to about 1700 kg per day.

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