Single-use USB Data Logger


VackerAfrica supplies a wide range of Data Loggers for use within Africa and worldwide. Single-use USB data logger is specially manufactured to measure temperature (read about Temperature Data Loggers) and the special benefit for this device is this particular model is lower in price and it’s for one-time use only. We also supply Humidity Data Loggers to measure humidity.

When a customer requires to use this device then we can program it as the customer requests and user can download the recorded data by connecting the device to the computer, since it doesn’t require any special software to download the recorded data, customer can easily connect the device to computer and it will automatically create Excel and PDF files. This device is known as disposable USB data logger because once customer downloads the recorded data they cannot use it again.

Industries use this device specially to check the temperature while transporting the medicines, vegetables, other food items blood groups and vaccine because this device is very small from the size and very small space required.


Once the customer wants to start recording the data he has to press the start button only and it will record data continuously until 7928 readings memory capacity.

But if the data logger is stopped unexpectedly one of the below issues has been occurred:

  • The data logger is out of the memory capacity of 7928 readings. (That records data for a sampling interval of 5 minutes for 27 days, and if the sampling interval is 10 minutes the device capacity will last for 54 days)
  • In case if someone presses the stop button on the device.
  • If customer connects the device to the computer it will automatically stop recording data and all the recorded data will download automatically.

Features of the Single-use USB Data Logger


  • As user’s request we can customize and programme the device as it shows 2 upper alarms and 2 lower alarms. From VackerGlobal office while supplying the device we will programme it as customer’s request. And if required, the customer can use free downloading software and programme the device by himself without any issues.
  • In the device it shows 5 LED temperature level indicators. Without downloading the data user can simply look at the recording logger and decide the temperature range. If the green bulb blinks it indicates that current temperature is within the limit. If the red indicator blinks it shows the recorded temperature is out of the permitted range and if the blue color bulb blinks it indicates the recording temperature is below the permitted range.
  • Customer doesn’t have to buy separate loggers for separates date durations since they can use the same device and while programming the customer can decide the data recording duration.
  • User can decide the data recording sampling interval based on the application which they use the logger and the date duration they want to record data. The device can be programmable from 5 seconds to 17 hours and the data recording dates duration will be varying based on the sampling interval.
  • Regarding the calibration of the device for one model it doesn’t have any calibration certificate but we can provide the factory test certificate for each logger once we dispatch it, and for the second type it has traceable NIST inbuilt calibration certificate while the user connects the logger and create the PDF reports it will include the calibration certificate as well.

Other specifications of the Single-use USB Data Logger


The battery life of the device would be 1 year time period and the best time to use the data logger is the first 6-8 months after the purchase to ensure that the device works properly without running out the battery power in case during the long-term delivery process also.

In the process of starting the data logger there are 2 options the customer can prefer, one is from pressing the start button and other is setting delay period and it will automatically start once the delay period finishes. As we prefer the best practice is to set the delay period and it will avoid recording the temperature level of your hand and also if you want to check the temperature of a cool room and if you turn it on in room temperature and keep it inside then it’s taking some time to stabilise the temperature level. Especially, if you want to start bulk of data loggers at once this is the best option.