Radial Fan for the quick drying of the staircases and walls

The Radial Fan VAC-TFV-29 FS 90 with the maximum air volume of 1,150 m³/h at the maximum pressure of 290 Pa. It is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec, Germany. This device is a compact platform that is highly efficient given its low height and achieves a significant reduction in the drying period.

Thanks to it’s specially centre gravity and shape designed for four different installation positions, tilting, bottom, vertical and upright. So, you can optimally use this turbo dryer for any mission. Because of the versatile installation method, floor surfaces, as well as walls and ceilings or entire stairwells, can be dried out faster by accelerating air exchange and these moist air can be fed to a complementary condenser dryer. Even in very confined spaces, the VAC-TFV-29 FS is optimally seated.

This device is equally efficient and easy to carry thus the drying process is completed fast and it can be carried safely without trip hazard with it’s lightweight and carriage handles on both sides as well as the integrated cable holder. In addition to the splash-proof operation switch and standard operating hours counter, the VAC-TFV-29 FS control panel also has a service socket, due to this, several devices can be conveniently connected to a single socket in series using the combination of its long connection cables. The VAC-TFV-29 FS can then be stacked multiple times over each other to conserve the space in the service vehicle or equipment storage. With this radial fan’s advanced construction with optimally formed, sturdy metal vanes ensure high airflow at maximum pressure and reduce overall height.

Applications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29 FS:

The Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29 FS is useful for the following applications:

1. It is ideal for small spaces or large drying walls.
2. It is aimed to dry ceiling areas.
3. It is used on the ground, resulting in much faster drying of the surface.
4. It is used for faster drying of the entire staircases and wall areas.
5. It is used for drying the types furnitures.
6. It is used for drying after water damage on the floors or in living spaces.

Features of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29 FS:

7. It has a maximum air volume is 1,150 m³/h at a pressure of max. 290 Pa.
8. It is a sturdy and compact design.
9. It is built in four various installation positions, tilting, bottom, vertical and upright.
10. It is lightweight and very easy to handle.
11. It is multi-stacking that can conserve space for storage and transport.
12. It has a built-in service socket.
13. It has an optional Dual counter a MID-compliant* for the operating hours and energy consumption.
14. It has integrated operating hours.
15. It can be connected to a single power socket over multiple devices.
16. It is powerful and easy-to-transport.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-29 FS for small spaces, stairs, and walls.

1. The maximum air volume is 1,150 m³/h.
2. It has radial fan stage 3.
3. It has a single-stage radial fan.
4. The air discharge speed is 7 m/s.
5. It has maximum air pressure 290 Pa.
6. It has a maximum transport temperature of up to 60°C.
7. It can operate both 50Hz supply with 230Voltage.
8. The nominal current consumption is 0.74A.
9. The power supply consumes 0.17kW.
10. It has IP type protection of IP44.
11. It has a sound level of 64 dB at a distance of 3 meters in stage 1.
12. It is a portable type.
13. It’s a transport/ carrying design.
14. It has an integrated operating time counter.
15. It is stackable for saving space.

We supply these Radial Fan for small spaces, stairs, and walls across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.