Radial Fan for Tunnels, Underground piping & Industries

This Radial fan is designed for a high conveying capacity with high counter-pressure even in case of long transport routes when using several interconnected air transport hoses. This technology not only ensures a high feed pressure, but also makes the blower insensitive to polluted air with a high dust content.

This makes the device ideal conveying fan for ventilation of channel and pipe or tunnel systems, during welding work or sealing and floor coating in underground working.

Long hose distances of 50 meters with multiple arcs this powerful radial fan ensures large air volume, for in contrast to axial fans the device conveys air vertically to the rotor axle according to the operating principle of a centrifuge, where the air is pressed to the outside and condensed in a helical housing.

The transport frame offers not only maximum mobility for application at frequently changing locations, it can also be stacked in two tiers to save space during transport and storage.

Applications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV 600

    1. It uses for ventilation purposes in underground tunnel works
    2. The device uses for ventilation in pipe works
    3. The device uses for Construction sites.
    4. The device mostly uses for industrial customers for ventilations.

Features of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV 600

    1. The device can be connected to both intake and exhaust ducts.
    2. The device can also be used in dusty surroundings.
    3. Star-Delta connection to reduce the starting current.
    4. Suitable for long air transport routes.
    5. The device has IP55 standard protection.

Specifications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV 600 Tunnels, Underground piping & Industries

    1. Maximum freely blowing Air volume is 16000m³/h.
    2. Air discharge speed is 21m/s and 75.6km/h.
    3. The working temperature conditions is -20 to 40 °C.
    4. This Radial fan for Tunnel applications, it has both Sucing and blow out options.
    5. This Radial fan for Underground piping work, Diameter of both Suction and Exhaust hose connector size is 515mm.
    6. The power connection plug standard is CEE 63A.
    7. The required main power supply for the device is 400/50HZ.
    8. The nominal current consumption at high performance is 34 Ampere.
    9. The external fuse recommendation is 32 Amps.
    10. This Radial fan for Industrial applications, has the less device operating noise level is 78 dB at 3-meter distance.
    11. The weight of the device is 233kg.
    12. Air pressure at the maximum stage is 4900Pa.
    13. The device has steel, powder-coated.

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