Radial fan for ventilation in explosion proof zones

The TFV series of centrifugal ventilation fans are designed for applications where the small axial ventilation fans have insufficient airflow and or insufficient pressure capability to move fume and dust-laden air through long lengths of flexible ducting. With higher airflow and pressure capability the TFV fans air ideal on more demanding applications and harsh environments. These fans are direct drive, and well-built and capable of long service.

The high-pressure centrifugal fans in the TFV series are well-equipped for such tasks they transport up to 4,000 m³/h of air, even over longer distances and with backpressure, and because they are extremely robust they can handle harsh working environments.

Applications of Radial fan, model no.VAC-TFV-100-EX

 The radial fan, model no.VAC-TFV-100-EX is useful for following applications,

    1. It is used in site welding, mining, sewer maintenance, tunnel work and hazardous maintenance or demolition projects.
    2. It is used in farm buildings.
    3. It is used in production plants.
    4. It is used in warehouses.
    5. It can be used in storage spaces. 

Features of Radial fan, model no.VAC-TFV-100-EX

    1. Extremely robust models with a high flow rate.
    2. It is a splash-proof model with an IP55 protection class.
    3. It can be deployed easily in dusty rooms.
    4. The fan motor is safely situated away from the main airflow.
    5. It can be connected to suction as well as distribution ducts.
    6. Stable characteristic curves and constantly high pressure.
    7. It can be connected to both intake and exhaust ducts.
    8. This radial fan has a steel, powder-coated housing. 
    9. It is an explosion proof model.

Specifications of Radial fan, model no.VAC-TFV-100-EX for radial fan in farm building & warehouses, production plants & long air transport routes

    1. The volume of free discharge air is 4,000 m³/h.
    2. The speed of air discharge is 17 m/s or 61.2 km/h.
    3. This radial fan for farm building & warehouses has one stage fan.
    4. The sound value at 1 m distance is 87.5 decibel (A).
    5. The sound value at 3 m distance is 81.5 decibel (A).
    6. This radial fan model VAC-TFV-100-EX has steel, powder-coated housing & 2K paint.
    7. The dimensions of this radial fan are L 960 x W 560 x H 750 mm excluding packaging. 
    8. The maximum air pressure is 2,020 Pascal.
    9. The transport medium temperature of this radial fan for production plants is a maximum of 60°C. 
    10. The Surrounding conditions are between -20 °C to +40 °C.
    11. The power supply of this radial fan for long air transport routes is 400 V/50 Hz.
    12. The power input of this radial fan is 2.2 kW.
    13. The exhaust connection of the hose connector is 300 mm.
    14. The suction nozzle of the hose connector is 300 mm. 
    15. The weight is 120 kg excluding packaging.

We supply these radial fan TFV 100 EX in farm building & warehouses, production plants and long air transport routes. Across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.