Radial Fan for the rapid drying of hollow spaces and shafts

The multi-functional Radial Fan VAC-TFV-Pro 1 that is universally applicable, from ventilation of the hollow spaces to acceleration of the drying filter. It is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec, Germany. It is the smallest, lightest and simultaneously the highest-performance fan in the world. A truly professional tool with extremely high pressure and versatile operation, incredibly powerful in processing while being light and easy to stack.

Thanks to its an incredibly strong fan, it ensures that a lot of fresh air arrives at the end of the long hose connections. The VAC-TFV-Pro 1 is certainly a class winner on that ranking with an unrivaled 1,050 Pa. This radial fan VAC-TFV-Pro 1 creates an optimally spread large, near-ground air current in the standard setup, rendering its best accelerator for drying wet floors or screeds. No other device produces so much pressure! The same goes for the air volume in everyday operation for that matter. Speaking of everyday operation – the VAC-TFV-Pro 1 is certainly versatile.

Another feature is it also includes a dual counter for both operating hours and energy consumption. The initial factory calibration of the counter complies with the MID*, thus it may be used for  billing purposes. It also has a cable holder, protective bars for the control panel, carrying handle and washable air filter. A special advantage of the VAC-TFV-Pro 1 is the integrated Monoventic control, which allows variable settings of the air quantity, thereby enabling optimal adjustment for any requirement. The combination of three standard connections for 100 mm fan hoses, the fresh air can be distributed into different room zones, hollow spaces and shafts. Additionally, two optional adapter plates extend the hose attachement possibilities to eight 50 mm hoses for each or even 12 tubes with a diameter of 38 mm.

Applications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-Pro 1:

The Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-Pro 1 is useful for the following applications:

    1. It is ideal for hollow spaces and shafts.
    2. It is used for drying after water damage on the floors or in living spaces.
    3. It is used to speed up drying for the damp screed.
    4. It is used for faster drying of the walls and ceilings.
    5. It is used for drying the types of furniture. 
    6. It can be used for drying for different room zones.

Features of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-Pro 1:

    1. It has a maximum air volume is 1,250 m³/h at a pressure of max. 1,050 Pa.
    2. It is ideal for ventilation even over long hose distances.
    3. It has the constantly adjustable air quantity up to max 1,250 m³/h.
    4. It is built in four various installation positions, tilting, bottom, vertical and upright.
    5. It is lightweight and very easy to handle.
    6. It is a compact design and can be stacked to save space.
    7. It has an optional Dual counter a MID-compliant* for the operating hours and energy consumption.
    8. It has a safety bar for the control panel.
    9. It has an air filter that can be easily cleaned and very accessible.
    10. It is powerful and easy-to-transport.
    11. It has a cable holder.
    12. It has can be used with fan hoses for the following diameters: 100mm, 50mm, and 38mm.

Specifications of Radial Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-Pro 1 for hollow spaces, shaft, and floors.

    1. The maximum air volume that blows freely without a connector plate and filter is 1,250 m³/h.
    2. It has radial fan stage 3.
    3. It has an infinite variable stage fan.
    4. It has maximum air pressure 1,050 Pa.
    5. It can operate both 50Hz supply with 230Voltage.
    6. The power supply consumes 170W.
    7. It has a sound level of 73 dB at a distance of 1.5 meters.
    8. It has non-marking rubber feet.
    9. It’s a transport/ carrying design.
    10. It has an aluminum housing design.
    11. It has an air filter that can be cleaned and very accessible.

We supply these Radial Fan for hollow spaces, shafts, and floors across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.