Electrical Equipment

There are different types of Electrical Equipment used in our daily lives. A modern life is unthinkable without the use of electrical equipment. From lights, bulbs to fans, air conditioners and television, all are electrical equipment. Vacker Africa is a global supplier of different kinds of such equipment especially in the African region. The main targeted countries of our company Vacker Africa are Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti, Tanzania, Morocco, Chad, South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Congo, Cameroon, etc.

Electrical equipment are those devices that use electrical energy for the operation of their functions one way or the other. A modern house or an industry consists of many types of such equipment. In fact, most of the devices used in modern industries are electrical equipment.

Applications of Electrical Equipment

There are some electrical equipment that are designed to produce electricity while there are some that can measure different factors of electric energy. A more popular term for the electrical equipment is the EEE. The EEE have a certain working period after which these EEE need to be properly managed as a waste or recycled if possible. The electronic appliances used may be of large type or small type. Some of the most common types of electrical equipment are as follows:

  • Electrical appliances that are used to transfer different kinds of information among people such as telephone, fax, computer, etc.
  • Electrical equipment that provide us entertainment as well as information such as radio, TV, etc.
  • Those used for sports such as video games, coin slot machine, etc.
  • Those that are used to maintain certain living condition inside a living space such as fan, humidifier, dehumidifier, etc.
  • Equipment used to control lights inside a living space such as lamp, light bulbs, etc.
  • Those used for security purposes such as burglar alarm, smoke detector, etc.
  • Electrical appliances are also used in medical fields such as dialysis, medical refrigerator, cardiology, etc.

Proper Management of Waste Electrical Equipment

As mentioned above the EEE may cease to work due to break down or due to the expiration of the device. Either way the EEE should be managed properly because improper management of such equipment can be cause environmental hazard. The electrical device that has stopped working due to different reasons is known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE.

There are different rules and regulations made for the manufacturers and the end user for the proper management of the WEEE according to the country. These rules and regulations encourage the manufacturers to design the equipment in such a way that they are easy to manage or recycle after their lifespan. Also the end users are encouraged to recycle or reuse the equipment. Consumers are informed and made aware of the environment hazards that can be caused due to improper management of WEEE.