The environment can get really dry especially during the winter season. Low humidity can cause different types of problems for people. Hence, our company Vacker Africa supplies different models of humidifier in the African countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, etc.

Demerits of Low Humidity

Low humidity in a living space can cause various problems for the people living in it. It leaves a sense of feeling very dry and cold in the people. Dry air can result in chapped lips, dry skin, etc. Dry air increases the chance of getting infected by viruses of different diseases especially common cold. Lack of humidity causes the increase of static energy in the air which can cause damage to the expensive electronic items.

Vacker Africa’s Humidifier

Our humidifiers assure the right kind of humidity for you by increasing the moisture of dry air in your living space. Vacker Africa’s humidifiers are capable of humidifying small rooms, large rooms and even a whole building according to the requirement. There are different models of humidifiers supplied by our company and some of them are as follows:

  • Industrial Humidifier

  • These industrial humidifiers are exclusively designed for the humidification of dry air in industries and warehouses. These models of humidifiers are capable of humidifying a large portion of area at a time. They have helped to reduce damage in different electronic devices stored in industries or industrial warehouses. We have supplied humidifiers for different industries such as textile industry, packaging industry, printing industry, paper industry, electronic industry, etc.

  • Portable Humidifier

With wide range of portable humidifiers available in the market you can choose humidifiers for your houses and offices according to your requirement. These humidifiers are very user-friendly and low-energy consuming and hence, are very popular in the African households.

We also have other models of humidifiers that are very popular among the people of Africa such as Evaporative Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Impeller Humidifier, Vaporizer, etc.

Things to consider before purchasing a Humidifier

There are different things you should bring into consideration before installing humidifiers in your houses, offices, warehouses etc. Some of the things to consider are as follows:

  • The amount of humidity in the location where the humidifier is to be installed should be monitored to choose the right kind of humidifier for the location.
  • The area of the location should also be brought into consideration while installing humidifiers.
  • The tank in the humidifier should be kept clean as the water in the tank can be a mean for the germs to spread out in the room.
  • Clean water should be used in the humidifiers.
  • The humidifiers should be installed in a dry place.