Commercial Dehumidifier is for the wide range of industries

The Commercial dehumidifier VAC-TTK 171 ECO uses the condensation principle to automatically dehumidify the areas. It is a cost-effective solution for typical commercial dehumidification applications. It is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec, Germany. It is a portable type and can be easily stored anywhere. This is a flexible device with a high dehumidification performance of 52 liters per day at a discharged airflow of 450 /h.

Another feature of VAC-TTK-171 ECO is built with carriage construction with the handlebar, recessed handles and big wheels that make it much easier to transport even on difficult terrain or stairways. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel with a digital display of all functions for quick start-up. The automatic hygrostat mode allow selecting the target in percentage, which is then displayed along with the actual valu.e When this value is exceeded, the device switches off automatically and also switches on again automatically when the value falls below the target entry. It also has a memory function that can maintain the previous setting even after a power interruption. 

The device is equipped with a special pressure fan, that tool can also be used for selective dry air intake or for drying hollows i.e is in bathtub hollows, in cassette walls or cable ducts. To do this, just simply add an air hose to the connecting part of the adapter that is optionally available. 

The VAC-TTK-171 ECO has a removable water tank that has a storage capacity of 5.5 liters. The device stops automatically when the tank is full and indicates this via LED. The removable air filter prevents the interior of the device from soiling and can be easily wiped or washed out. 

Applications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-171 ECO

    1. It is used to dry the spaces and reduce the formation of the mold for water damage restoration.
    2. It is used in the drying process of construction projects.
    3. It is typically used to reduce the humidity of the storage facilities.
    4. It is used for a small indoor swimming pool to clean the air and to monitor its properties to maintain it in top condition.
    5. It is used to remove excess moisture in the food factories to avoid wet floors, caking and clogged machinery.
    6. It is used in basement rooms for drying and dehumidifying purposes.
    7. It is used to maintain the dryness of moisture-sensitive loads etc.
    8. It is used in paper & printing industries where high humidity increases of consistency of paper and ink color.
    9. It can be used during the manufacture and storage of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
    10. Dehumidification in data center rooms to protect electronic parts from corrosion.
    11. It is commonly used to reduce humidity in production areas.
    12. It is used to minimize the moisture content in gyms, spa and fitness centers.

Features of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-171 ECO

    1. It is ideal for rooms up to the size of 230 m³.
    2. It has a high dehumidification efficiency even at low temperatures.
    3. It is a  cost-effective solution for traditional commercial dehumidification applications.
    4. It is made of robust steel design that can be transported and stored in any position.
    5. It has a digital display that shows the current relative humidity level.
    6. It allows the user to move quickly and easily to another place of action.
    7. It has a washable air filter that is easily accessible and quickly cleaned.
    8. It is consists of an energy-efficient rotary compressor.
    9. It has a special pressure fan that can be used for the selective intake of dry air.
    10. It has a condensate drain connection for permanent dehumidification.
    11. It has a removable water tank that has a storage capacity of 5.5 liters.
    12. The device will stop automatically when the tank is full and indicates a warning alert via LED.
    13. It has an air hose connection for selective dry-air impact.
    14. It is provided with memory function that can retain the previous settings even after a power interruption.
    15. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant type of dehumidifier.

Specifications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-171 ECO for construction sites, storage facilities, and laboratories

    1. The maximum dehumidification performance is up to 52 liters per day.
    2. It has a 22 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 20 °C / 60 % RH.
    3. It has a 51 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 30 °C / 80 % RH.
    4. The maximum air volume is 450 m³/h.
    5. It has a steel coated housing design.
    6. The dehumidifier can operate both 50Hz supply with 220-240Voltage.
    7. The nominal current consumption is 2.7A.
    8. The power supply consumes 0.65kW.
    9. The operating temperature range is 5°C to 32°C.
    10. The operating humidity range is 20%Rh to 90%Rh.
    11. The recommended room size for dry keeping is 230 m³ or 90 m².
    12. It has a rotary piston compressor.
    13. The type of cooling agent is R290.
    14. The CO2 equivalent of the compressor is 0.00069 t.
    15. It has a water tank of up to 5.5 liters.
    16. It has a sound level of 52 dBA for stage 1.
    17. It has an automated electronic defrost system.
    18. It has a non-stop dehumidification function.
    19. It has built-in hygrostat.
    20. The dehumidifier has provision for the users to control the volume of the air.    
    21. It has a single-stage radial fan.
    22. It has a water tank, and it switches off automatically once it’s full.
    23. It has a warning light indicator when the container is full.
    24. The air filter is readily accessible and easy to clean.
    25. It has a timer function that is preselectable to switch on.
    26. It’s a transport/ carrying design.
    27. It has full-rubber non-marking wheels.
    28. The dehumidifier has a hose connection and allows the user for continuous drainage.
    29. The recommended dimension of the hose is 11 mm.
    30. The condensate pump is optionally available.
    31. It has a digital display that shows the current %RH level.


We supply these Commercial Dehumidifiers for construction sites, storage facilities, and laboratories across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.