Measuring Instruments

Measuring Instruments

Vacker Africa has been a leading supplier of different kinds of Measuring Instruments in the African region. We provide different types of measuring instruments for home, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. Our products can easily be found in different countries of Africa such as South Africa, Chad, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, etc. Our measuring instruments have been able to monitor different factors effectively for the user. Since these equipment are designed by our experts they are impressively accurate and reliable.

Types of Measuring Instruments

Some of the instruments that are widely found in the market are Electrical Data Logger, Humidity Data Logger, Bluetooth Data Logger, Air Quality Meter and Infrared Food Service Thermometer.

  • Data Loggers

  • There are different types of data loggers available in the market by our company. We provide user friendly data loggers that are easier to handle and has internal memory capacity according to the requirement. Our data loggers are capable of monitoring and storing data of different kinds of factors such as humidity, pressure, air quality, etc.

    1. Bluetooth Data Logger

    2. These are special type of data logger with Bluetooth application installed in them. Due to this application these data loggers are capable of transferring data directly to the user’s mobile or computer. These data loggers are getting very popular because of their utility and low energy consuming nature. These data loggers can perform task just like other data loggers and effectively too.

    3. USB Temperature Data Logger

    4. As the name suggests this data logger is used to measure and record the temperature of a particular location over a long period of time. It has high memory data storage capabilities and can store thousands of data in it. The stored data is retrieved with the help of a computer. Generally these data loggers are found to be useful in food industries as well as pharmaceutical store.

    5. Electrical Data Logger

    6. These data loggers are useful in keeping track of electrical energy consumption in home, offices or industries. They are capable of keeping data of different electrical factors such as power, current, voltage etc. The data stored by these data loggers are useful in saving energy in the future.

    7. Humidity Data Logger

    8. Since humidity can play a big part in the comfort level of a living space it is very important to monitor the humidity level of a place. The humidity data logger provided by our company can easily keep track of the humidity whether it be a small bedroom or big industrial plants.

    9. Temperature Data Logger

    With the help of small temperature data loggers that can fit in the palm of your hand you can easily monitor the temperature of a location for your desired period of time. These temperature data loggers are useful in environmental research, food industries, medicine industries etc.

  • Air Quality Meter

  • It is very necessary to monitor the air quality of a living space as polluted air can increase the health risks. Air quality meter is a simple but very useful device that can monitor the quality of the air in a living space and can alert the user if the quality of the air is poor and risky for the health.

  • Infrared Food Service Thermometer

  • Our food service thermometers are popular among the people who are involved in food service industries. From meat processing industry to small households our infrared food service thermometer are highly useful in monitoring the temperature of different food items during the different stages of food processing. Our device is very accurate and hence has won the trust of millions of consumers in Africa.

  • Humidity Meter

The humidity meter supplied by our company Vacker Africa is also very popular among the researchers and industrialist. Our humidity meter has a very reasonable price and have been found to be able to work effectively even in very extreme conditions.

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