Turbo Fan for quick drying of walls and carpeted floors

The Turbo Fan VAC-TFV-10 S with the maximum air volume of 355 m³/h at the maximum pressure of 90 Pa. It is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec, Germany. This device is extremely energy efficient and also provide high-performance and save energy at the same time.

Another feature is its comes with a double-flow radial fan with an extra-large shaft and three-stage regulation. It also consists of parts that are all made in metal, which not only ensures that turbo fans are designed to meet the challenges they face on daily basis but also proves that they are built for long service life. The compact fans are made of virtually indestructible polyethylene, making him light, robust, and extremely flexible. The VAC-TFV-10 S can be operated and stored at various angles (0°C, 40°C, 90°C). This ensures that the turbo fans are highly versatile.
The tight, compact shape makes it suitable for inaccessible or restricted spaces.

Thanks to it’s specially designed air-outlets duct, both turbo fans can generate a wide airflow close to the ground. This provides a substantial improvement in the drying time of covering the wet floor and the damp screeds. This device is a perfect aid to assist with drying of walls, and floors after the water damage, or to speed up the drying process for screeds and whole houses or after wet cleaning and shampoo to dry carpets faster.

Applications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10 S:

The Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10 S is useful for the following applications:

1. It is ideal to dry out smaller areas or difficult to access hollow spaces.
2. It is used for drying the bowling alley and gyms.
3. It is used for drying out the ceiling, walls, and floors.
4. It is used for faster drying of carpets after wet cleaning and shampooing.
5. It is used for drying the wooden beams.
6. It is typically used for small and inaccessible spaces.
7. It is used for drying the storage spaces.
8. It is used to speed up the screed drying process.
9. It is used for drying after cleaning silos and tanks.
10. It is used for drying the storage spaces.

Features of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10 S:

1. It has a maximum air volume is 355 m³/h at a pressure of max. 90 Pa.
2. It is specially designed with an air-outlet duct that enable both turbo fans to generate a wide airflow close to the ground.
3. It has a secure, tight enclosure that protects the inside of the engine from dust or dirt infiltration.
4. It impresses the virtually indestructible polyethylene body.
5. It can work and store in several angular positions.
6. It works highly efficiently and saves energy at the same time.
7. It has versatile fans that have a spectacular performance in every situation.
8. It is very light but extremely robust.
9. It is a tight and compact shape housing.
10. It easily stacked to save space.
11. It can be operated at different angles (0°C, 45°C, 90°).
12. It is extremely durable since all the internal components of the turbo fan are metal.
13. It has a motor with high-quality bearings.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-TFV-10 S for carpeted floors, screeds, and gyms.

1. The maximum air volume is 355 m³/h.
2. It has radial fan stage 3.
3. It has a single-stage radial fan.
4. The air discharge speed is 8.6 m/s.
5. The air discharge speed is 31 km/s.
6. It has maximum air pressure 90 Pa.
7. It has a maximum transport temperature of up to 60°C.
8. It can operate both 50Hz supply with 230Voltage.
9. The nominal current consumption is 0.5A.
10. The power supply consumes 0.075kW.
11. It has a sound level of 61.5 dB (A) at a distance of 3 meters in stage 1.
12. It is a portable type.
13. It’s a transport/ carrying design.
14. It has an integrated operating time counter.
15. It is stackable for saving space.

We supply these Ventilation for carpeted floors, screeds, and gyms across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.