Turbo Fans TFV 20 for all types of Drying and Ventilation Purposes

These durable, robust and reliable Turbo Fans are essential in all types of Drying and Ventilating applications. They are manufactured by Trotec, UK who are specialized in the manufacturing of industrial tools and machines for over 20 years. Its stunnig, cubid design not only offers looks but also uncompetitive practical efficiency. It is an ideal machine for the drying of wet flooring, carpets or moist screed. More over the device is portable and stackable.

The important feature of the machine is its universally applicable to turn any positions to meet the our task. The double-flow radial action fans, having an extra-large shaft with specially designed air exhaust ducts. The power of the double-flow radial fan can be adjusted to two different levels. The air exhaust duct has a special design that results in an optimally distributed, broad, near-ground air current when working in the horizontal direction.  MID-compliant* dual counter for working hours and energy consumption of the control panel as standard also supports a service socket for the direct connection of another turbo fan or dehumidifier.

The motor is completely sealed in a metal enclosure which makes it robust to work in dirty or dusty surroundings. The Housing of this product is shaped in such a way that it can be installed for on-site operations in three different stable positions (Horizontal, Inclined and vertical). All ground slip-resistant skids are provided in all the three positions which guarantee a secure footing.The device is well known by the high efficiency and durability.

Applications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-x:

The Turbo Fan, model no. VAC- x is useful for the following applications:

    1. It device can be easily used in rough operating conditions. 
    2. It is used in construction dryings such as cement flooring or wall plastering.
    3. It is used for ventilating hollow office spaces.
    4. It is used for wet floor and carpet cleaning.
    5. It is used as stage blowers for high-coverage distribution of fog, snow and soap bubbles.
    6. It is widely used for drying out timber beams.
    7. It can be used as air circulation assistance for cooling or heating appliances.
    8. It can be used as a powerful blower.

Features of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-x:

    1. It is considered as a two way distributor, the air current can be directed to two different zones.
    2. This machine is equipped with a double-flow radial action fan with an extra-large shaft.
    3. The machine offers multiple fan stages.
    4. The special design of the exhaust duct offers optimally distributed and strong air currents.
    5. Its Robust and lightweight design aids in easy portability.
    6. The motor is concealed inside a metal enclosure which offers better protection.
    7. It can be installed on-site in three different positions.
    8. The base is equipped with anti-slip skids for all positions.
    9. Another important feature is the working hours counter. 
    10. The intelligent design consumes only less space.
    11. This machine is a perfect solution for large volume air circulation for many industrial task.
    12. The device can handle the task in an energy efficient way.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model no. VAC-x for Ventilation & Drying:

    1. The body dimensions of the Turbo Fan are H343 × W335 × D355 mm. 
    2. The Electrical main should be 230V/50 Hz supply.
    3. The electrical power input is 0.49Kw. 
    4. The nominal current consumption is 2.15Amps.
    5. The Electric connection Plug type is CEE7/7.
    6. The Electric connection cable length is 5 meters. 
    7. The Fan can be operated in two speed stages.
    8. The air discharge velocity is 7.8 m/s.
    9. Air  maximum discharge volume in stage is 1185m3/h.
    10. The maximum air pressure is 390Pa.
    11.  The sound value on stage 1 at a distance of 3 meters is 64.0 dB(A) and on stage 2 is 69.0 dB(A)
    12. The machine is equipped with only a blowing function. 
    13. The maximum transport medium temperature is 60°C.
    14. The IP protection Type is IP22.
    15. It is equipped with an integrated working hours counter
    16. The body is also equipped with carrying/transport handles. 
    17. Overall weight of the product is 12 kg.

We supply these Turbo Fans for all types of Drying and Ventilation across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles etc.