Air cleaner for the restoration of smaller building sites

The Air cleaner VAC-TAC-750 E holds all the characteristics of advanced air purification technology which includes the efficient two-stage filter system, variable air volume control, and the lightest air purifier in its category. It is entirely made by Trotec-Germany. This device can be transported from one place to another. Weighing only 6 kg when empty, it is about 60 percent lighter than the competing models. The VAC-TAC-750 E fits comfortably into the smallest car boot with its compact dimensions, making it a perfect solution for air purification of smaller construction sites and air quality control in the surrounding areas.

This is specially designed as a pressure monitoring device for dust-contaminated areas, it ensures a reliable HEPA filtration of contaminated air with its efficient two-storage filter system. At the same time, the adjustable air volume control enables the fan speed to be energy-efficiently adjusted to the necessary air change levels within the respective construction area. The standard connector for 203 mm tubes, the narrower 127 mm tubes can also be connected to the VAC-TAC-750 E to extract air using the optional hose adapter. 

Another feature of VAC-TAC-750 is it can effectively filter viruses in rooms up to 5 m² in size up to 12 m³ in air volume because the high-performance class H14 filter is now available as a consumable accessory for virus separation in its H13 HEPA filter compartment. This device has been uncompromisingly optimized for efficient suction operation and can be used either directly in a sealed room in recirculation mode or outside to maintain negative pressure through a hose connection.

Applications of Air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750 E

The Air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750 E is useful for the following applications:

    1. It is an ideal solution for air purification in smaller building sites.
    2. It Is optimal for managing air pollution in office spaces.
    3. It is used to remove the chemical substances, dust, and molds in cleanrooms.
    4. It is used in indoor spaces to ensure your family is breathing clean air.
    5. It is used to remove unpleasant odor and airborne allergens in living spaces.
    6. It used a HEPA filter to remove the airborne bacteria, particles, and mold spores in hospitals.
    7. It is used for renovation and restoration in construction sites.

Features of Air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750 E

    1. It is remarkably light and weighs only 6 kg.
    2. It has an efficient two-stage filter to ensures a reliable HEPA filtration for contaminated air.
    3. It has an adjustable air volume control that allows an energy-efficient adjustment of the fan speed.
    4. It features a flexible filter system for dust collection and sprays paint mist extraction.
    5. It is a portable type and conveniently fits into every trunk.
    6. It can be connected to a variety of hose diameters.
    7. It has a handy cable organizer for safe transport.
    8. It has a durable design with detachable fasteners for easy filter exchange.
    9. It has an ABS construction that is impact-proof and robust, recyclable to 100%.
    10. It has a powerful radial fan.

Specifications of Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-750 E for smaller construction sites, clean rooms, and office spaces

    1. The maximum air volume flow is 750 m³/h.
    2. The negative pressure static of this air cleaner is 720 Pa.
    3. The recommended amount of air for dust class H is 290 m³/h.
    4. The air volume with filter surface H13 is 2.15 m².
    5. The air volume with the G4 filter is 680 m³/h.
    6. It can operate both 50-60Hz supplies with 230Voltage.
    7. The power supply consumes 0.12 kW.
    8. It has a nominal current consumption of 1 A.
    9. The recommended fusing is 6 A.
    10. The electric connection plug type is CEE 7/7, H05RN-F.
    11. The diameter of the air transport hose connection for the suction side is 200 mm.
    12. It has a sound level of 77 dB at a distance of 1 meter.
    13. It has a radial fan stepless stages.
    14. The weight of this air cleaner is 6 kg.
    15. It has a dimension of L 315mm, W 430 mm, and H 430 mm.
    16. It is equipped with infinite adjustment of air volume.
    17. The suitable filter for combination coarse dust (≤ 3 ACH) is G4 and suitable for rooms sized up to 250 m³.
    18. The suitable filter for combination fine particulates (≤ 3 ACH) is G4 and suitable for rooms sized up to 250 m³.
    19. The suitable filter for combination suspended matter (≥ 10 ACH) is G4 + H13 and suitable for rooms sized up to 16 m³.
    20. It has a carry/transport handles.
    21. It has non-marking rubber feet.
    22. It is stackable.

We supply these Air cleaner for smaller construction sites, clean rooms, and office spaces across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.