Vacker distributes Dantherm & Calorex dehumidifiers, pool heat pumps & Heat recovery units

Vacker becomes the official partner for Dantherm-Denmark, Masters-Italy & Calorex-UK. Dantherm group is the world leader in various dehumidification equipment and swimming pool equipment. VackerGlobal is the leader in providing dehumidification solutions in the Middle East and African region. Vacker expands its products & services by association with Dantherm group.Small-Airdryer-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Rwanda-Nigeria-Uganda-Ethiopia

Dantherm, Calorex & Master Brand dehumidifiers & Air dryers

The group of companies manufactures all types of dehumidifiers across the entire range of dehumidification solutions. VAcker & Dantherm together offers the following products:

  1. Commercial Dehumidifiers for all commercial applications.
  2. Home & Office Air Dehumidifier & air dryers for reducing humidity in living conditions.
  3. Warehouse Dehumidifier for drying air in warehouses.
  4. Basement Dehumidifier, basement air dryers for reducing humidity in basements.
  5. Dehumidifiers for data centres and server rooms to reduce moisture in the air which will cause damage to various electronic components.Pool-Airdryer-dehumidifier-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  6. Industrial dehumidifier for air drying in various industries such as packaging, powder coating etc.
  7. Cold room dehumidifiers for reducing moisture content in cold storages, walk-in chillers, walk-in freezers etc.
  8. Wall mounted dehumidifier for homes, hotels, car garages etc.
  9. Dehumidifiers for hotel rooms for reducing humidity in guest rooms, staircases etc.
  10. Swimming Pool Dehumidifier for air drying around the pool area. Calorex brand is a world leader in swimming pool dehumidifiers.
  11. Desiccant Dehumidifier which operates using silica gel rotors to reduce humidity. These are useful in low temperatures below 10 Deg C.
  12. Marine Dehumidifier for reducing moisture content in boats, ships, seaside etc.
  13. Condensation or refrigerant dehumidifier, which uses the condensation technology using refrigerants to reduce the air moisture.
  14. Duct mounted dehumidifiers for commercial & residential buildings. These are large units connected to the duct system of the building.airdryer-dehumidifier-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  15. Dehumidifiers for museum and art galleries to preserve various paintings, artefacts etc. which will get damaged at high humidity.
  16. Spa dehumidifier & air dryers for reducing moisture in spa and health centres.
  17. Dehumidifier for chocolate storage for air drying in such areas. Chocolate gets easily spoilt when the moisture content in the air is high.
  18. Dehumidifier for pastry storage such as cakes, cookies etc. These get spoilt and lifetime reduces when exposed to high humidity.
  19. Dehumidifiers for hospitals especially clean rooms, pharmacies, operation theatre etc. The growth of bacteria and viruses gets higher at high humidity levels.
  20. Dehumidifiers for Gymnasium for reducing the humidity to comfortable levels.
  21. Dehumidifier for ice rinks to reduce the moisture content caused by the ice.Pool-water-heating-cooling-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  22. Dehumidifiers & air dryers for construction sites to provide a comfortable working environment. These are heavy duty machines which work continuously.
  23. Mushroom dehumidifiers for mushroom plantations which require humidity control.
  24. Paint booth dehumidifier and air dryers to keep the moisture content as low as possible, which affects the quality of the painting works.
  25. Dehumidifier for electronic manufacturing area and workshops. High moisture content will affect even soldering quality.
  26. Dehumidifiers for a textile factory for keeping the textile at the correct quality.
  27. Dehumidifiers for meat storage to keep the texture of the meat at the best possible levels.Pool-air-handling-heating-cooling-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  28. Dehumidifiers and air dryers for clean rooms in hospitals, pharma manufacturing facilities etc.
  29. Dehumidifiers for storage of fruit & vegetables, the life of which gets reduced at high humidity levels.

Calorex Pool dehumidifiers, heat pumps and heat recovery pumps.

Calorex is the world leader in all type of pool cooling and heating equipment, pool dehumidifiers etc. The following are the product series by Calorex:

  1. Commercial air-conditioner model ACT 7 for heavy-duty cooling applications with a Cooling capacity of up to 7.0kW
  2. Industrial air-conditioner model ACT 35 for high capacity space cooling.High-Temperature-Airdryer-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Rwanda-Nigeria-Uganda-Ethiopia
  3. Refrigerant dehumidifiers model PD 300-600 for construction sites and rental businesses, with capacity up to 46 litres per day.
  4. Industrial Refrigerant dehumidifiers series PD 1500 with maximum capacity of 300 liters per day.
  5. Industrial Adsorption/desiccant dehumidifiers model DTM 3300 with a maximum capacity of 147 kg/ hour.
  6. Domestic pool water heating models Com-Pac to 20, with an output of 7.2 to 22.8 kW suitable for temperature ranges from 3°C to 35°C.
  7. Domestic pool water heating models Pro-Pac 8 to 22 with an output of 10.5 to 22.9 kW suitable for temperature ranges from 5°C to 40°C.
  8. Commercial pool water heating models Pro-Pac 30-140BM with an output of 36.3 to 136.6 kW suitable for temperature ranges from 10°C to 40°C.
  9. Commercial pool water heating and cooling models AW 634AHC-7034BHC with an output of 7.4 to 60 kW suitable for temperature ranges from 10°C to 55°C.
  10. Commercial pool water heating and cooling models Pro-Pac 16BHC-140BHC with an output of 11.8 to 123.8 kW suitable for temperature ranges from 10°C to 55°C.
  11. Domestic pool water cooling models WA 634ACL-1234BC with an output of 5.5 to 9.8 kW at 32°C suitable for temperature ranges up to 55°C.Airdryer-dehumidifiers-Africa-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  12. Domestic and commercial pool water cooling models Pro-Pac 16BC-22BC  with an output of 9.8 to 12.4 kW at 32°C suitable for water temperature ranges from 10 to 38°C.
  13. Commercial pool water cooling models Pro-Pac 30BC-140BC with an output of 25.5 to 102.1 kW at 32°C suitable for water temperature ranges from 10 to 38°C.
  14. Commercial pool water cooling models WA 3034BC-7034BC with an output of 29.2 to 49.5 kW at 32°C suitable for water temperature ranges from 10 to 40°C.
  15. Wall mounted Domestic pool dehumidifiers model DH 33 with a capacity of 1.25 litre per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 5 to 35°C.
  16. Wall mounted Domestic pool dehumidifiers model DH 55 with a capacity of 2.5 litres per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 5 to 35°C.
  17. Floor standing High capacity pool dehumidifiers model DH 75AX-110AX with a capacity of 3.6 to 4.5 litres per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 5 to 35°C.wallmounted-Pool-Airdryer-dehumidifier-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Nigeria-Rwanda-Uganda-Ethiopia
  18. Ducted type High capacity pool dehumidifiers models AA300 – 500 with a capacity of 3.6 to 4.5 litres per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH with a CFM from 1300 to 1800 cubic meter per hour.
  19. High capacity pool dehumidifiers for dehumidification combined with heat recovery, models Variheat. They have a capacity of4.6 to 10.1 litres per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH with a CFM from 2000 to 4000 cubic meter per hour.
  20. Pool air handling units for dehumidification with heat recovery, series Delta with a CFM from 2500 to 12000 cubic meter per hour.
  21. HRD Pool air handling units for dehumidification with heat recovery. They have a capacity of 63 to 210 litres per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH with a recirculating airflow CFM from 12000 to 35000 cubic meter per hour.
  22. Water heater models Pro-Pac 16AMY with an Output of 11.9 kW at 15°C ambient temperature. This model is suitable for -15 to +35°C.
  23. Water heater models WW 304BH-WW 1254BH with an Output of 26 kW to 104 kW at 55°C water temperature. This model is suitable for water temperature from 10 to +68°C.Ducted-Airdryer-Africa-Gabon-Tanzania-Kenya-Rwanda-Nigeria-Uganda-Ethiopia
  24. Water heater models AW 834H-AW 7034H with an Output of 7.1 kW to 41.9 kW at 55°C water temperature. This model is suitable for water temperature from 10 to +68°C.
  25. Water heater models Pro-Pac 30H-140H with an Output of 22.3 kW to 83.8 kW at 55°C water temperature. This model is suitable for water temperature from 10 to +68°C.
  26. Air cooling and water heating machines models AW 250SC-AW 450SC. These models are suitable for water temperature from 10 to +50°C.
  27. Domestic and commercial water cooling models WA 634ACL-1234BC. These models have an Output of 5.5 kW to 9.8 kW at 32°C water temperature. These are suitable for water temperature from 10 to +40°C.
  28. Domestic and commercial water cooling models Pro-Pac 16BC-22BC. These models have an Output of 9.8 kW to 12.4 kW at 32°C water temperature. These are suitable for water temperature from 10 to +38°C.
  29. Commercial water cooling models Pro-Pac 30BC-140BC. These models have an Output of 25.5 kW to 102.1 kW at 32°C water temperature. These are suitable for water temperature from 10 to +38°C.
  30. Commercial water cooling models WA 3034BC-7034BC. These models have an Output of 29.2 kW to 49.5 kW at 32°C water temperature. These are suitable for water temperature from 10 to +40°C.
  31. Wall mounted swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 15 Dehumidifiers. They have a capacity of 15 kg per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 0 to 35°C.
  32. Wall mounted swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 30 Dehumidifiers. They have a capacity of 30 kg per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 0 to 35°C.
  33. Wall mounted swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 60 Dehumidifiers. They have a capacity of 60 kg per hour at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 0 to 35°C.
  34. High capacity swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 75AX-110AX BX. They have a capacity of 86 to 102 litre per day at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 5 to 35°C.
  35. High capacity swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 150AX-150BX. They have a capacity of 150 litres per day at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from 0 to 35°C.
  36. High capacity swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 300BY. They have a capacity of 300 litres per day at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from -15 to 35°C.
  37. High capacity swimming pool Dehumidifiers model DH 600BY. They have a capacity of 600 litres per day at 30°C ambient and 60% RH for air temperature ranges from -15 to 35°C.
  38. High-temperature process drying machines DH 334BH.
  39. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 160-250-440.
  40. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 210-440-400.
  41. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 800-1100.
  42. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 1300-2300-3300.
  43. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 3500.
  44. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 4500-5800.
  45. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 6000-8000.
  46. Industrial air dryers, adsorption type models DT 13000-19000-27000.
  47. Cold room desiccant dehumidifiers models DTI 1500-5000 Cold room

VackerAfrica supplies dehumidifiers, air dryers, pool pumps, pool heating pumps, heat recovery units etc. across entire African continent covering Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ghana, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauritius, Libya, Sudan, Seychelles, Angola, Botswana, Gabon, Guinea etc.

Temperature mapping study of stability chamber in Africa

Temperature mapping study is a series of tests conducted to analyze the temperature distribution inside a closed area. A stability chamber is a chamber with a controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The purpose of a stability chamber is to simulate different temperature and humidity conditions.

In order to carry out the mapping study, vackerglobal offers temperature mapping study in africa we have to record the temperature and humidity inside the chamber under different conditions. For this purpose, we place a number of data loggers across the entire chamber. The distance between the data loggers depends on the size of the chamber. We normally use the sampling interval as one minute since stability chamber has to be highly accurate.

In order to decide the duration of the tests, the kind of application of the chamber also is important. If your normal usage of a particular application is 6 hours, you may carry out the test for a duration of 10-12 hours. However if your application requires continuous usage for 24 hours, the test duration will be 24-36 hours.

Sequence of tests of temperature mapping study for stability chamber

We have to carry out the tests under various conditions. For a humidity chamber, we will decide the test conditions based on the normal application scenarios. As an example we may use the following difference conditions:

  1. 20° Centigrade, 45% Relative humidity
  2. 20° Centigrade, 70% Relative humidity
  3. 40° Centigrade, 50% Relative humidity
  4. 40° Centigrade, 80% Relative humidity

This means that you will be generally using the above conditions in your applications. Hence you want to test and analyze whether the chamber maintains the above conditions satisfactorily. The permitted variations will be decided based on the applications of the client.

Type of tests for a stability chamber

For each of the above tests, different conditions are tested. The main tests are the following:

  1. Test under empty load conditions to test Temperature mapping study is carried out in Africa by VackerGlobal. whether the chamber maintains the conditions properly.
  2. Test under partial load conditions to test whether the temperature and humidity remain stable under these conditions. The percentage load is based on your normal application. If you use the chamber under 40% load during most of the time, it is better to test under 40% load.
  3. Test under fully loaded conditions to test the stability when the chamber is loaded completely.
  4. Tests to decide the time required for reaching the stability of each of the above conditions.

By analyzing the results of the above tests, we can find out whether the chamber is capable of maintaining the conditions properly.

Report of temperature mapping study

The report of a study will consist of the following details:

  1. The report will contain all the charts and data of each data logger for each of the above tests.
  2. Any variations during the tests will be separately reported.
  3. The chamber should be able to maintain the temperature and humidity without even a single variation beyond the permitted limits.

VackerGlobal carries out temperature mapping study of Vans, Cold rooms, warehouses, refrigerators, reefer trucks etc. for pharmaceutical industries. We provide our services in African countries covering Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Djibouti, Mauritius, Madagascar etc.

VackerGlobal carries out temperature mapping study for all type of applications. Please see our detailed guidelines on carrying out temperature mapping study.

Ice Maker

Are you thinking of buying an ice maker for your home or requiring an ice maker for industry to produce ice on a large scale? In either case, Vacker Africa is here to help you! We are the largest and best supplier of ice maker in the African region. You can get our high quality ice makers in different countries of Africa such as Djibouti, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Chad, etc.

What is an Ice Maker?

Although ice can be obtained from a simple refrigerator they can produce little amount of ice. So if you require a large amount of ice than it is better to use ice maker. Ice maker can be used to produce large ice slabs in industrial level too. For household during different functions such as parties, family meetings etc. ice maker help to fulfill the demand of ice unlike other freezer and refrigerators which are able to produce ice in low amount.

Principle of ice-making

The ice maker consists of four main parts which are as follows:

  1. The evaporator
  2. The condenser
  3. The compressor
  4. The throttle valve

The compressor in the ice maker compresses the refrigerant vapor which is in low pressure into high pressure. The high pressure refrigerant vapor is transferred towards the condenser which is converted into liquid due to high pressure. The throttle in the device helps to convert the high pressure liquid into low pressure liquid which is then moved to the evaporator where the liquid absorbs heat and ice is created.

Ice maker by Vacker Africa

Vacker Africa supplies different range of ice maker for homes, offices, hotels, industries etc. The ice maker supplied by our company comes with the most competent price. All of the products supplied by us is ISO certified and comes with the warranty of our company. Now with our sophisticated, absolutely unique design, making ice cube is just your fingertips away.

We provide home deliveries for our clients. Our team of experts tests the ice maker many times before reaching your home. Our team of experts inspects the ice maker before the delivery. We also provide free installation service and advice totally free of charge. Commercial cube ice maker, bullet ice maker, flake ice maker, snow ice maker etc. are the various products supplied by our company. You can easily choose the appropriate model of ice maker with the right capability for you from the wide range of ice maker we provide.

Flake ice maker

You can easily make direct ice from the sea water with the help of our flake ice maker. These flake ice find its application in the storage and transportation of fish and various sea products. Purchase our flake ice maker today to keep different products such as fruits, fish, meat, vegetables etc. fresh for a long time.

Cube ice maker

These cube ice maker supplied by our company is particularly manufactured for household use but can be used for commercial reason in hotels, restaurants etc. Our ice maker capacity ranges from 30kg to about 1700 kg per day.

Onion Storage Humidity Control

Onion is one of the most important agricultural product of Africa. Every year millions of tons of onion is produced in the African region. These onions are used for various reasons but before they hit the market they should be stored safely. Carelessness in the storage of onions can result in damage of the onion and cause huge loss of money. Although, Onion Storage Humidity Control is considered relatively easy one should not forget to take certain safety measures during the storage of onion. Temperature and humidity are the two things to be considered during Onion Storage Humidity Control. Our company Vacker Africa has been providing different models of Dehumidifiers to control the humidity level in the storage area of onions. Our products are available in different countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, etc.

Points to consider during Onion Storage Humidity Control

  • The onion to be stored should be completely matured during harvest.
  • The temperature should generally be maintained from 25 to 32 degree Celsius when onion is stored for around 4 months. For longer periods, the temperature should be maintained around 20 degree Celsius.
  • Humidity should be low.
  • The storage area should also be fit for the variety of the onion to be stored.
  • The storage place should have some amount of light.

Model TTR 400

Onion Storage Humidity Control

Since, the humidity to be maintained in the storage area of the onion should be pretty low, it is better to use an appropriate model of dehumidifier for the storage of onions. Many storage and cold rooms are using our dehumidifier for the dehumidification process. There are various models of Dehumidifiers available. Generally, desiccant dehumidifiers are used for such purposes. One of the very popular desiccant dehumidifier is Model TTR 400 that Vacker Africa supplies to major regions.


Some of the features of the model are as follows:

  • It comes with a compact design and its light weight makes it very easy to carry from one place to another.
  • The performance ratio of the device is very high when compared to the size of the device.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • The proper air volume control of the device contributes to the optimum adjustment of dry and wet air.
  • When more than one device is used, the space can be saved by stacking the device one over another.
  • The device is the product of Trotec, Germany.

Technical Details:

Onion Storage Humidity Control

  • The Dehumidification Performance of this device is Maximum of 28.8 Liters per day.
  • It is appropriate for the dehumidification for minimum air volume of 130 cubic meters per hour.
  • It is appropriate for the dehumidification for maximum air volume of 450 cubic meters per hour.
  • The external compression is only 150Pa.
  • The inlet pipe diameter is only 125mm.
  • It requires electric circuit of 230 volt and 50-60 HZ frequency.
  • It can effectively operate in temperature range of -15 degree Celsius to +35 degree Celsius.
  • The power of the device is 1.35 KW.
  • It only produces sound of 63 decibel which is relatively low.
  • It weighs only about 17 kg during the time of its packaging and hence is easy to transfer from one place to another.
  • The size of the device is 400mm × 350mm × 405mm.

Steam Humidifier

Vacker Africa is the only authorized supplier of Humidifiers manufactured by Trotec, Germany in Africa. There is a wide range of humidifiers that we supply in the African region. One of the most chosen humidifier of our company is the Steam Humidifier. Our steam humidifier can be purchased in different countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, etc.

Steam Humidifier is the cleanest way to humidify the dry air in your homes or offices. You can bid farewell to the dry air in your home. We understand the uncomfortable feeling that is caused by dry air hence, we have launched this humidifier for all the common people in Africa. Our Steam Humidifier comes with different capabilities for both small and large rooms. Our steam humidifier consumes less amount of water with comparison to different whole-house humidifier. The noise produced by the humidifier is also very low which makes it the best choice that is available in the market.

Protect yours and your family’s health and wealth by installing our steam humidifier. Say no more damage to furniture and musical instruments due to the presence of dry air. These humidifiers also help you to prevent sore throat and common cold. They are also helpful in preventing chapped lips and many other skin problems.

Why is Steam Humidifier considered to be the cleanest type of Humidifier?

There are various types of Humidifiers other than Steam Humidifiers but they generally consist of pads which are filled with moistures. Due to these moistures, bacteria find a suitable location for their development. Hence, this can cause various health issues for the people using the dehumidifier. Steam humidifier proves to be the cleanest as they do not contain any pad with moisture but they humidify the room accordingly by spraying steam in the room.

Why purchase Vacker’s Steam Humidifier?

  • Our humidifiers are capable of producing their own steam irrespective of the equipment operation.
  • They ensure proper moisture in the air of your home for continuous 24 hours a day.
  • We possess highly experienced professionals who help you in installing the right kind of Humidifier that will be perfect for heating and cooling system of your house.
  • It can be installed directly or remotely and can supply humidity throughout the house.
  • It comes with 5 year warranty of our company.
  • Our experts will provide you with many other tips and guidelines to keep the environment of your home comfortable for you.

Contact Us right now for installation of these humidifiers in your home or offices.

Air Purifier

Are you looking for an Air Humidifier and an Air Purifier? Do you want both these devices combined in one device? Well, worry not, Vacker Africa presents a new model of Humidifier with both Air Humidifier and Purifier combined together. Our products are available in different countries of Africa such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Chad, Angola, Cameroon, etc.

Effect of Low Humidity and Stale Air

Low humidity or stale air can cause a lot of damage to human life as well as the objects kept in the affected area. Few have been listed below:

  • Low humidity causes the chances of humans getting infected by common cold, sore throat, etc.
  • Low humidity can destroy different kinds of furniture and musical items.
  • Low humidity also causes different skin problems such as chapped lips, dry skin, etc.
  • Stale air can cause nausea and headache in humans.
  • Stale air can cause problems related to respiratory systems and can lead to patients of asthma having trouble in breathing.
  • Stale air is responsible for different kinds of infection to the eyes.
  • Stale air can be very dangerous especially for infants and old people.

Vacker Africa’s Humidifier with Air Purifier has a stylish look and with its portability, it is easy to install in any part of the living space. Our air purifier ensures you breathe clean and fresh air 24 hours a day. Our product also works as a Baby Humidifier which assists babies in breathing.

These humidifiers help in relieving cough and cold. It also helps people suffering from sore throat. Since, low humidity can cause damage to your expensive furniture, musical instruments and many other items, Vacker Africa’s Humidifiers help to protect all these items from getting damaged due to low humidity and prevent you from losses. It also helps you to prevent chapped lips and skin problems that are caused due to low humidity. Hence, our humidifier is not only useful to save money but also useful in maintaining proper health.

Features of Air Purifier:

There are different features of our Humidifiers with Air Purifier. Some of the features are mentioned below:

  • It is capable of room air humidification as well as purifying the air. It also works as a Baby Humidifier.
  • It possesses sensor control and hence, is energy efficient.
  • It does not require filter mats for air-washing.
  • It has a very low follow-up costs and very simple maintenance.
  • It produces very low sound as it contains functionality for ultra-silent night operation.
  • It also contains easy disassembly and cleaning features.
  • It has a variable Fan Control System to adjust the speed of fan according to the requirement of the user.

Medical Equipment

Vacker Africa has been contributing to the medical field in Africa by supplying different types of medical equipment in the African region. We provide some of the very useful and sophisticated medical equipment that can be used by hospitals as well as general people. Microscope, Medical Refrigerator, Glucose Meter, etc. are some of the examples of medical equipment supplied by Vacker Africa. We supply medical equipment in different countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, South Africa, Chad, Angola, Cameroon and many more African countries.

Introduction to Medical Equipment

There are different types of medical equipment used by humans all over the world. Any equipment that helps in monitoring of health or helps in treatment of different diseases is known as medical equipment. A different kind of equipment used by the medical personnel to run their operation is also medical equipment. Medical equipment can be as simple as the thermometer and as sophisticated as the CT scanner. Vacker Africa is a dedicated company to supply the best kinds of medical equipment in the African region because we know that health is the most important thing for people.

Different kinds of Medical Equipment by Vacker Africa

As we already know that, Vacker Africa provides different kinds of medical equipment in the African region, some of them are being discussed in brief:

  • Microscope

  • We provide microscope not only for the hospitals and labs but also schools that can be used for the educational purposes. Our microscope has been trusted by many medical personnel and lab technician working in the African region. We have various range of microscope that meets the customers demand. We are generally famous for our optical microscope but we provide other types of microscope too on demand.

  • Medical Refrigerators

  • Our specially designed medical refrigerators can be used to store different vaccines, medicines as well as samples of blood, urine, stool, etc. We understand that different medicines and vaccines worth millions of dollars are wasted due to improper storage during transportation. Our medical refrigerator assures the right temperature for the storage of medicines and vaccines. We supply two types of medical refrigerators, one that is powered by electricity and the other that is powered by solar energy. Solar medical refrigerators are especially useful in the regions where power cut is frequent.

  • Glucose Meter

  • Glucose Meter is a revolutionary device that helps to monitor the level of glucose in the blood of a person. With certain directions in the device, people can measure their blood sugar level without any help of medical personnel. Our glucose meter comes in different models and can be used in hospitals as well as households. They have helped thousands of diabetes patients to lead a healthy life.

  • Lab Equipment and Analyzers

  • Vacker Africa also supplies different types of lab equipment and analyzers in the African region. Different apparatuses, kits, utensils, machineries and devices required in the research work in the lab are all supplied by Vacker Africa within a reasonable price. Some of the equipment supplied are Bunsen Burner, Centrifuges, Thermometer, Calorimeter, Moisture Analyzer, etc.

Measuring Instruments

Vacker Africa has been a leading supplier of different kinds of Measuring Instruments in the African region. We provide different types of measuring instruments for home, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. Our products can easily be found in different countries of Africa such as South Africa, Chad, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, etc. Our measuring instruments have been able to monitor different factors effectively for the user. Since these equipment are designed by our experts they are impressively accurate and reliable.

Types of Measuring Instruments

Some of the instruments that are widely found in the market are Electrical Data Logger, Humidity Data Logger, Bluetooth Data Logger, Air Quality Meter and Infrared Food Service Thermometer.

  • Data Loggers

  • There are different types of data loggers available in the market by our company. We provide user friendly data loggers that are easier to handle and has internal memory capacity according to the requirement. Our data loggers are capable of monitoring and storing data of different kinds of factors such as humidity, pressure, air quality, etc.

    1. Bluetooth Data Logger

    2. These are special type of data logger with Bluetooth application installed in them. Due to this application these data loggers are capable of transferring data directly to the user’s mobile or computer. These data loggers are getting very popular because of their utility and low energy consuming nature. These data loggers can perform task just like other data loggers and effectively too.

    3. USB Temperature Data Logger

    4. As the name suggests this data logger is used to measure and record the temperature of a particular location over a long period of time. It has high memory data storage capabilities and can store thousands of data in it. The stored data is retrieved with the help of a computer. Generally these data loggers are found to be useful in food industries as well as pharmaceutical store.

    5. Electrical Data Logger

    6. These data loggers are useful in keeping track of electrical energy consumption in home, offices or industries. They are capable of keeping data of different electrical factors such as power, current, voltage etc. The data stored by these data loggers are useful in saving energy in the future.

    7. Humidity Data Logger

    8. Since humidity can play a big part in the comfort level of a living space it is very important to monitor the humidity level of a place. The humidity data logger provided by our company can easily keep track of the humidity whether it be a small bedroom or big industrial plants.

    9. Temperature Data Logger

    With the help of small temperature data loggers that can fit in the palm of your hand you can easily monitor the temperature of a location for your desired period of time. These temperature data loggers are useful in environmental research, food industries, medicine industries etc.

  • Air Quality Meter

  • It is very necessary to monitor the air quality of a living space as polluted air can increase the health risks. Air quality meter is a simple but very useful device that can monitor the quality of the air in a living space and can alert the user if the quality of the air is poor and risky for the health.

  • Infrared Food Service Thermometer

  • Our food service thermometers are popular among the people who are involved in food service industries. From meat processing industry to small households our infrared food service thermometer are highly useful in monitoring the temperature of different food items during the different stages of food processing. Our device is very accurate and hence has won the trust of millions of consumers in Africa.

  • Humidity Meter

The humidity meter supplied by our company Vacker Africa is also very popular among the researchers and industrialist. Our humidity meter has a very reasonable price and have been found to be able to work effectively even in very extreme conditions.

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen is a very important part of a house. A modern kitchen consists of different types of kitchen equipment that can enhance the kitchen experience of a person. Vacker Africa supplies different kitchen equipment for household use as well as commercial use in the African region. Our modern equipment can be found in different countries of Africa such as Congo, Chad, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Rwanda, Cameroon, etc.

Our modern and user-friendly equipment are sure to make your cooking experience a lot of fun. Our kitchen equipment have been used by many people to get commercial success. We supply different kinds of kitchen equipment that can save you time, energy, money and help you prepare the best quality of dishes on the table. Some of the items that are available in the market supplied by our company are toaster, deep fryers, ovens, gas stoves, infrared cooker, induction cooker, microwave oven, waffle and crepes machines, steamers, warming and holding machine, etc.

The kitchen equipment supplied by Vacker Africa is not only convenient but also possesses stylish looks which is sure to increase the beauty of the kitchen. These kitchen equipment are of world class quality and has become a great gift for housewives as well as people working in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants.

Kitchen Equipment

Our company has a team of experts that will provide you with the right kind of advices for the installment of different kitchen equipment in your restaurants, hotels and houses. If you need any kind of help finding any type of equipment for your kitchen we are here to help you.

Our kitchen equipment comes with reasonable price and designed with such expertise that they are energy convenient. We provide our every product with warranty and due to the reliable nature of our products the demand of the products is increasing every day. Make sure your kitchen is installed with the best kind of equipment in the market. You can contact us right now in the given address for the best type of service and advice.


The environment can get really dry especially during the winter season. Low humidity can cause different types of problems for people. Hence, our company Vacker Africa supplies different models of humidifier in the African countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, etc.

Demerits of Low Humidity

Low humidity in a living space can cause various problems for the people living in it. It leaves a sense of feeling very dry and cold in the people. Dry air can result in chapped lips, dry skin, etc. Dry air increases the chance of getting infected by viruses of different diseases especially common cold. Lack of humidity causes the increase of static energy in the air which can cause damage to the expensive electronic items.

Vacker Africa’s Humidifier

Our humidifiers assure the right kind of humidity for you by increasing the moisture of dry air in your living space. Vacker Africa’s humidifiers are capable of humidifying small rooms, large rooms and even a whole building according to the requirement. There are different models of humidifiers supplied by our company and some of them are as follows:

  • Industrial Humidifier

  • These industrial humidifiers are exclusively designed for the humidification of dry air in industries and warehouses. These models of humidifiers are capable of humidifying a large portion of area at a time. They have helped to reduce damage in different electronic devices stored in industries or industrial warehouses. We have supplied humidifiers for different industries such as textile industry, packaging industry, printing industry, paper industry, electronic industry, etc.

  • Portable Humidifier

With wide range of portable humidifiers available in the market you can choose humidifiers for your houses and offices according to your requirement. These humidifiers are very user-friendly and low-energy consuming and hence, are very popular in the African households.

We also have other models of humidifiers that are very popular among the people of Africa such as Evaporative Humidifier, Ultrasonic Humidifier, Impeller Humidifier, Vaporizer, etc.

Things to consider before purchasing a Humidifier

There are different things you should bring into consideration before installing humidifiers in your houses, offices, warehouses etc. Some of the things to consider are as follows:

  • The amount of humidity in the location where the humidifier is to be installed should be monitored to choose the right kind of humidifier for the location.
  • The area of the location should also be brought into consideration while installing humidifiers.
  • The tank in the humidifier should be kept clean as the water in the tank can be a mean for the germs to spread out in the room.
  • Clean water should be used in the humidifiers.
  • The humidifiers should be installed in a dry place.