Refrigerator & Freezer monitoring & alert systems

Many clients require refrigerator & freezer monitoring and alert systems, especially in lifecare and pharma industry. The refrigerators for medicine, vaccine, plasma, blood, body cells etc. need precise temperature at all times without fail. This means that we need to monitor its performance continuously.

Features of Vacker Refrigerator temperature & electricity Alert systems

The major features of our system are as below. (Few of them are optional. So please specify during ordering)

  1. It can work for almost 3 days even in case of electricity failure.
  2. The alert system can generate phone call and SMS alert in case of high temperature, power failure etc.
  3. It is having a complete battery back up and hence you don’t have to worry about the power failure.
  4. One system can take up to 4 sensors.
  5. The phone call alert is with a SIM card and not through the internet. So you don’t have to worry about power failure, server failure, internet failure etc.
  6. Still, you can connect the system to the internet for data storage. The alert system is not connected to the internet.
  7. If you don’t have internet, the data is stored within the device and you can download once per month.
  8. You can also connect up to 4 alerts in a single system such as a smoke sensor, door opening sensor, light sensor, differential pressure etc.
  9. In case of power failure, you will first receive a phone call. The temperature will start rising. You can wait until you receive another alert for high temperature. When electricity is restored, you will receive an SMS alert indicating the same.
  10. The phone call alert delivers a recorded voice message.


For refrigerator and freezer monitoring systems, the following parameters need continuous monitoring:

  1. The most important requirement is that it should give an alert and continue to record even in case of electricity failure and network failure.
  2. Temperature monitoring to ensure that the temperature remains constant within the desired limits.
  3. Humidity monitoring, especially for may items for which humidity is important.
  4. Power failure monitoring to ensure that the system generates alert to operators in case of a electricity failure.
  5. Door opening alert system to generate in case the door remains open for a long duration. This is important for many critical storage items.

Based on your items, you can select an economical refrigerator and freezer monitoring system.

Required functions of a basic Refrigerator & Freezer alert system

The following functions are basically required in a monitoring and alert system:Vacker-refrigerator-temperature-and-Electricity-Monitoring-with-phone-Alert

  1. Capability to record temperature. If you are just looking for an alert system this may not be required. However, this is essential for you to analyze the events. Also as per regulatory requirements, it is essential in many countries.
  2. It should generate an alarm in case of any of the faults happen.
  3. You should not lose the data even in case of power failure. Hence the device should continue to record the data even if there is a power failure or network failure.
  4. It should continue to function even if electricity fails or network fails.

Refrigerator & Freezer monitoring & alert systemsample-report-refrigerator-monitoring-alert-system-Africa

The first part of this article explained the criteria for a refrigerator to monitor. Now there are more details required while selecting a proper system. We provide the following types of refrigerator monitoring systems:

  1. If you have only a few refrigerators, you can go for a simple system. This can be a WiFi-based system or a wired LAN system. If you have many refrigerators this may not be the best suited. In both the above systems, you will have wired connection either for power or for network connection. All WiFi-based systems need a continuous power supply.
  2. When you have a lot of refrigerators close to each other, it is better to use a wireless system. Either radio frequency or blue tooth based systems are available with us. Blue tooth system will require battery recharging every couple of months. However, a radio frequency based system can last for more than a year.
  3. Then you have to decide the types of alarms being generated. Depending on the critical nature of your items, you can decide on a Phone call, SMS and email alerts. Email alerts will not be sufficient in most of the cases. Also, you have to see that the system can generate the same phone call alerts to many people. We have an alert system which can generate phone call alert to 8 people.
  4. Depending on the critical nature of your stored product, you have to decide whether you should have an Internet-based alert system or a SIM card based alert system. An internet-based system will not generate an alert if there is a failure in your network or if there is a power failure.  A SIM card based alert system with a battery back up will generate an alert in such cases.
  5. For a power failure alert system, you will definitely need a SIM card based system with battery back up. Otherwise, it will not generate an alert. This will generate an alert to 8 operators as soon as power fails.
  6. Regarding the storage of data, we have two types of systems. The first one stores the data within the device. The second type transfers data to a cloud-based server. For the second system, you can check the data remotely even when you are out of your facility. In the first case, this may not be possible.
  7. Also, you can review whether you need a local siren or buzzer to alert any of the nearby people in case of high temperature, door open condition etc. This will be a nice feature in case you want to alert the surrounding people before it generates a phone call alert.
  8. Depending on the nature of the stored item, the frequency of the temperature recording will vary. This is technically known as the sampling interval. eg. For normal medicines between 2 to 8 Deg C, the sampling interval should not be more than 3 minutes.

You can see the video of the system at : Video of Temperature & Humidity monitoring, an alert system for refrigerators and freezers by Vacker

Specifications of Refrigerator/Freezer monitoring & alert system

Number of Sensors for each monitoring screen It can connect four detachable wired sensors. Please specify the distance required while placing the order. It can take sensors up to 100 ft / 30 meter.

It can connect wireless sensors

Temperature measurement Range It can measure from  -200°C to  1250°C

(You have to specify the exact temperature range to be measured and we will supply the sensor accordingly)

Humidity measurement range Please see our separate device
Pressure measurement range Please see our separate device
Sensor for refrigerators If you are using for refrigerators, ideally the sensor has to be immersed in Glycol or Glycerin. For other applications, it is not required.
Display screen LCD touch screen with colour display. It can display readings as well as a graph of recorded data.
Display screen Size 212 mm x 127 x 25 mm
Alert system It has an inbuilt beeper for temperature alarm. As an optional system, we will provide a SIM card based alert system which can generate phone call alerts for 8 people. If you require an alert for power failure, you have to specify at the time of ordering. It requires an additional circuit. Optionally we can also connect an external alarm or buzzer. We do not recommend an Internet-based alert system for critical applications since it has lower dependability. Also, it will not work during a power failure. This should be the most important criteria while selecting an alert system.
Data recording interval You can program the interval from one reading per minute to one reading per every 24 hours. We recommend once in 3 minutes for medical refrigerators and once in 10 minutes for warehouses.
Calibration of sensors The sensors have to be ideally calibrated every year. While supplying we can provide a single point, 3 points or 5 points calibration as required by you at extra charges.
Memory capacity The system can store up to 80000 recordings per sensor. This means that if you record data once every 5 minutes, you can store the data for more than 9 months. If you record data every 10 minutes, you can store for more than 18 months
Power supply 12vdc, 50/60hz through a power adaptor. You can also supply the power from a PC through a USB cable.
Battery Backup It has a battery back up which can last more than 70 hours. The display will be off during power outage to save power. You can touch the screen to activate it.
Data download 1.    You can download data through a USB cable periodically to a computer.

2.    If you have an ethernet connection, you can connect the same to your server. In this case, you do not need a periodic download of data.

Mode of fixing Wall fixing. You can fix on side of a refrigerator, on a wall etc.
Shipping Weight 900 grams approx. with sensors, cables, display screen etc.

We supply all types of monitoring systems across all countries in Africa, including Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Djibouti etc.