Cheap Container cold storage on solar panels or generator

We are supplying economical containerized cold storages type Vac-KooL with the following features:

  1. They work on solar panels or a small generator.VacKooL-cheap-container-cold-storage
  2. Any temperature above zero degrees centigrade is possible.
  3. They can generate phone call alert in case temperature goes high, power failure or in case fuel is finished.
  4. They use very less electricity compared to conventional cold storages. You will have up to 50% saving on electricity charges.
  5. You need only single phase home electricity for operating the same. You do not need high power industrial 3 Phase electricity.
  6. We re converting split AC or window AC units with a special technology and hence the overall cost is very less.
  7. We are providing 2 years warranty on these units.

You may note that you should limit the door opening to once in 30 minutes. Otherwise, the efficiency will be low and the cooling will take longer time. If it is unavoidable, you will have to install additional cooling units, which obviously will increase the costs. These are cheap container cold storages which obviously is meant to save cost. Our models save on capital cost and operational costs.

Applications of container cold storages model Vac-KooL

Vac-KooL can be used for any normal cold storage applications, few of which are listed below:
Storage of fruits, vegetables etc.

  1. cheap-container-cold-storages-VackerGlobalStorage of medicines, vaccines etc. above zero deg. Centigrade.
  2. Storage of dairy products such as milk, curd etc.
  3. Storage of cooked and processed food items.
  4. Storage of sweets, chocolates etc.
  5. Temporary morgue or mortuary above zero dg centigrade.
  6. Storage of meat for non-freezing storage.

Accessories of Vac-KooL cheap container cold rooms

The standard features include thermally insulated walls and cooling units. The following additional optional accessories can be supplied by us:

  1. Generator to run the cooling units and a couple of lights.
  2. Solar panels to run the cooling units and a couple of lights.
  3. Phone call and SMS alert system to alert an operator in case of shortage of fuel, power failure, the rise in temperature, rise in humidity etc. (You have to provide a SIM card from your country)
  4. Humidity control system in case you require to store items which are sensitive to humidity. (You have to specify the humidity requirements at the time of ordering)
  5. Lighting control system along with LED grow lights in case you are going to use the container for indoor farming.
  6. Racks and shelves to suit your requirements.

Conversion of your existing container into a Vac-KooL cold storage

If you have a used or expired 20-foot or 40-foot container, we will supply the required items to convert the same into a cold storage. However, based on your location you will have to see if it is economical for you.  Sometimes shipping charges for our items along with your local manpower charges might become costlier.

In order to convert the container, we will supply the following items:

  1. Thermal insulation sheets for fixing on the walls.
  2. modified Split AC units or Window AC units.
  3. Phone call & SMS alert system in case you require the same.
  4. Humidifiers or dehumidifiers in case you require humidity control.

We will provide with all the required instructions for the conversion. All sales and service support for Africa is available from our Dubai office. We provide our products and services in most of the African countries including South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Djibouti, Egypt etc.