Gas monitoring systems

gas-monitoring-system-in-africa-vackerafricaDetecting different gases in the environment has been elevated to an art form. Depending upon the gas you are monitoring, Interscan can develop a scanner to meet your exact requirements. They say that imitation is a form of flattery and Interscan is imitated a lot by its competitors but they can’t beat the original.

System Design Flexibility

Interscan are the experts in gas detection and they have used their experience and knowledge to fine tune their development skills. You can bring them the type of system you want and they will customize a system to meet your needs exactly.

The system revolves around the programmable logic controller, sensors and an operator interface the features available are only limited by your imagination.


Standard features on the PLC Series Multipoint Gas Monitoring Systems


1. There is a dedicated sensor, sample pump and digital flow switch for every point
2. Easy to use controls and displays
3. Adjustable alarm settings
4. Vacuum fault detection

Those are only a few of the standard options available on their multipoint gas monitoring systems. The systems come with a few options like:
• Enclosure heating and cooling
• Triple alarm set points
• Loss of power alarm
• Sensor protection circuit and much more
Gases Monitored

The PLC Series Multipoint Gas Monitoring Systems can detect over 20 different gases. You just need to tell the company the GAS you want to detect and let the experts help you with the rest of the technical details. There is one word of caution here. A separate analyzer is not possible for each gas compound. Then the sensors do not respond in the same manner to each gas species detected. The analyzer must be programmed specifically to detect the individual gases you want to monitor.

SQ Series Multipoint Sequential Gas Monitoring Systems


This series of gas monitoring devices is especially designed to detect carbon monoxide in parking garages and tunnels. The features in this series include:

• Touchscreen capabilities
• Adjustable alarm levels
• Two 4-20mA outputs, one is for gas
• Each sample line has a flow sensor monitoring it
• Auto zero and auto calibrating

It doesn’t matter what stage if your project you are in. Contact us for any help you may need. We will put together a package that will meet both your needs and operating budget

A Few Final Words


Gas is no laughing matter. If you think you need to monitor the gas in your project’s environment then you need to take swift action. Many gases, like carbon monoxide, cannot be detected naturally. You need ultra-sensitive sensors to help protect you and your employees from the harmful effects gas brings to the human body.

Do not go with an imposter contact our firm right away and we will design a gas sensor unit that will keep you and your employees safe. Our firm has the knowledge and the experience to craft a gas design unit to meet all your project needs.

If you can describe it, we can build it. That sums up our expertise in a nutshell. You can have confidence in us and our products. Remember our systems can detect over 20 different gases, so if our products can’t detect it then it is doubtful any one can. Call us today and get the professional help you deserve.