Phone call alert systems

Your business is important. You have lots of expensive equipment among other things to protect that is why a good phone call alert system is a handy device to have. The phone call alert system will contact you if the monitoring system detects a fault.

The Problems Detected

The phone alert system is designed to pick up any problem that may occur on your business property. These can range from a power failure, changes in temperature, a break in, to a flood, water leak, unauthorized movement of people and much more.

The Design of the Alert System

These phone call alert systems have two components. The first component is a sensor that detects a problem. The second component is the automatic dialer with a SIM card. This component makes the phone call alerts.

How the Alert Works?

The operating system is not too difficult. When a problem is detected the phone call alert starts calling the 8 authorized people one by one. When one of the operators answers they will hear a pre-recorded voice which can be recorded by anyone. There is a little flexibility as these systems can be programmed to work in several ways.

• If the first person called hears the message, he or she just needs to push a button and the other 7 will not be disturbed by the phone alert system
• The alert system can call all 8 authorized people at the same time and give them the same message
• All 8 authorized people will be called one by one till all have received the alert message.
• The system can send 4 phone calls and 4 text messages or send text messages to all 8 people on the authorized list
The system has a lot of flexibility and versatility in delivering its alerts to the authorized people. It can be programmed to meet the specific needs of the business employing its services.



The Vacker company pre-programs the alert system before they deliver it to its intended destination. When the alert system is delivered then any good technician can install the device. After installation all the technician has to do is insert the SIM card and program the authorized numbers, the alert system is to call in case there is a problem. This authorized number can be as few as one person to a maximum of 8.

All the programming is handled through SMS text messaging- the numbers to be called in an emergency, a change in the program, or even deactivation. This feature comes in handy when maintenance is being conducted on the business through a variety of methods including shutting the power off. Reactivation is simple. Just send another SIM message.

Versatility of the Phone Alert System

If the power to the alert system is cut off then it will revert to its battery backup system and continue monitoring the situation. Pre-recorded phone messages can be customized to describe the actual problem and its location. Also, four different alerts can be assigned to one device. You can customize which device monitors different potential problem areas. You can also customize who receives the different phone call alerts. One group of up to 8 authorized people can handle one set of up to 4 alerts and another group of 8 authorized persons can be alerted by a second alert system covering up to four different problems.

There is a lot of versatility in the phone alert system. If you feel that an audible alarm or siren is a valued contribution to the security of your business then a siren can be programmed into the device.