Vibration data logger

Battery Operated Acceleration Data Logger
Vibration data loggers are used to measure and record the vibration of moving or stationary objects. they consist of vibration sensors in three dimensions.

Applications of vibration data loggers

Some of the common applications of vibration data loggers are given below:

  1. Vibration Data LoggerMonitoring vibration of electrical equipment such as Transformers, switchgear, GIS etc. during transportation
  2. Monitoring vibration of medical equipment such as MRI scanner, XRay machines etc. during transportation.
  3. Monitoring vibration of containers during transport.
  4. Recording vibrations of joy rides, roller coasters etc. in amusement parks
  5. Recording vibration of railway lines, rail coaches, metro rail coaches etc.
  6. Multi Purpose Data LoggerContinuous monitoring of vibration of machines in factories.
  7. Monitoring vibration of security lockers, ATM machines, locker rooms etc. to monitor burglary attempts. In case of a burglary attempt by breaking in the walls of storeroom or ATM room, it will generate phone calls or local alerts. You can combine this with our ATM monitoring system for a complete solution.

Vibration Data Logger for AfricaThe customer can transfer the data from the data logger either through blue tooth connection or USB cables to a computer for further analysis.