Humidity Control

humidity-control-protects-your-familyOur company Vacker Africa is the pioneer company in air engineering product supply in Africa. With the expected rise in the customers throughout the African region we are set to become one of the most well-known brands on the continent. Our products include various kinds of products that are designed to make your everyday life easy and comfortable. Our services and products can be found in most countries of Africa such as Djibouti, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Morocco and many more.

Humidity control


Various studies have shown that killer heatwaves are set to become quite common in various parts of the world including many African nations. Many projections also show the level of humidity may gain the breaking point which will automatically worsen the situation of temperature rise. The effects of high humidity are going to magnify in the coming decades. In such scenario it is going to be extremely difficult to work and for some to even survive. The economy and health of the people will suffer drastically leaving people with little to no option. (Read about Humidity Data Loggers)

The condition is going to worsen in such a way that many people have never experienced and expected. Although throughout the year we have seen the condition of humidity level worsening we cannot control the outer environment. But what we offer to the people is the best solutions for humidity control inside your home. We want our customers to be well equipped to face the harsh conditions of increased humidity in the African region.



Our dehumidifiers are one of the examples of finest engineering of air engineering. We provide dehumidifiers necessary for all kinds of purposes. Our dehumidifiers have been used in for industrial purposes as well as domestic purposes. All of our dehumidifiers are designed with energy conservation features.  These dehumidifiers offer many added features that can meet all the requirements of our customers. With the best dehumidifiers in your hands, you can finally enjoy small moments of your life that you always wanted. Say goodbye to all the stickiness and hardships that high humidity created. We have various models of dehumidifiers such as swimming pool dehumidifier, cold rooms, factories, warehouse and large offices, basement dehumidifier, portable dehumidifiers for homes and offices, etc.



Just like high humidity can cause many problems for people low humidity can also cause many health problems. Low humidity is especially bad for human skin. Many African regions suffer from low humidity, especially during the winter season. Keeping this in mind we have introduced a series of humidifiers that is set to enter your homes and offices for good. Just connect our humidifiers with your home and office HVAC system and feel the difference in the environment. Our humidifiers will significantly improve the air quality of your living space and ensure that you have to suffer no more. We have a wide range of models to choose from to suit your requirement. What more our humidifiers come with a price so reasonable that you never expected. This is the reason our dehumidifiers have been ordered from every corner of the African region.

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