Leak Detectors, Monitoring & Alert systems

Vacker provides various types of leak detectors, leak monitoring systems & leak alert systems for industrial and commercial applications. we provide the following types of devices to detect leak:

  1. Portable, handheld leak detectors. These are instruments which an operator can keep with him to check leakages.water-leak-and-power-failure-alert-system-Vacker
  2. Real-time leak monitoring systems, which are fixes in a commercial environment. These devices will record the parameter and also will give an alert in case the readings go above the desired levels.
  3. We provide interfacing solutions to connect above monitoring systems to your SCADA or BMS systems or a cloud-based platform. We can connect multiple leak monitoring systems to a single SCADA or similar platforms. We can use protocols such as Modbus, BACNet, KNX etc.
  4. We provide different kinds of alert systems such as phone call & SMS alerts, local or remote siren system etc.

Few of the leakage detection and monitoring systems being provided by us are as below:

  1. Water leakage detection and phone call alert systems.
  2. Ammonia leak detection
  3. CO leak detection
  4. CO2 leak detection
  5. H2S leak detection
  6. Gas leak detector panel
  7. Radio active material leak detection
  8. Brine detection leak detection
  9. Pressure leak detection
  10. Refrigerant leak detection
  11. Freon leak detection
  12. Acid Leak detection
  13. Fuel leak detection

Please contact us for any of your requirements of leak detectors or leak monitoring, alert systems. Our regional office is at Dubai and we have partners in different African countries.