Industrial Humidifiers

high-quality-industrial-humidifier-in-vacker-africaHumidity level both low and high can affect the overall productivity of an industry. Humidity level if not maintained properly can damage the products, stockings, machinery, etc. in an industry. Low humidity has many consequences especially in the textile industries and pharmaceutical industries. Vacker Africa brings a whole new range of humidifiers designed to meet the requirements of these industries. Our products are always energy efficient and environment-friendly. Our humidifiers come with a wide range of capacity to suit the requirement of our customers.

You can get our industrial humidifiers in various countries of Africa. As we are looking forward to extending our market in Africa our products are being supplied in many new countries of Africa. We already supply our products in countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Djibouti, Congo, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria and many more.


Our products have been well received by our customers throughout the African region. What makes our humidifiers a product of high demand in the market is the reliability and durability. They operate with the most preciseness that other devices may not be able to do. We have been supplying products for many years which leaves us with loads of experience to deal with any kind of problems related to humidity. Our engineers in the company have a clear understanding of how humidifiers work and the requirement required to correct the level of humidity in a place.

Humidifiers for textile industry


Generally textile industry is associated with cotton. Cotton is an organic fiber obtained from plants hence unlike other artificially synthesized fibers low humidity can have various effects on cotton. The standard requirement of humidity during the production of cotton fiber is 65 percent. Should the level of humidity drop by two to three percent the fiber produced can be quite brittle which can break easily. The breakings can create weaker strands which in results affect the textile made from those strands. Hence it is very necessary to maintain the humidity level as per the requirement for the optimal quality.

The use of our industrial humidifiers helps to maintain the required humidity level in the industry. Setting our dehumidifiers will result in the full protection of the fabric from the effects of low quality. Along with protecting the fabrics our humidifiers will also contribute to increasing the longevity of the equipment in the industries.

Humidifiers for pharmaceutical industries


Production of life-saving drugs is a sensitive field. Pharmaceutical industries need to have tight control over the level of humidity during the production of various medicines. One need to have precise humidity level during the production of medicine. We provide the pharmaceutical industries with 24 x 7 control over the level of humidity with our industrial humidifiers. We have a long experience of working with the pharmaceutical industries and hence provide our customers specifically designed and customized humidifiers as per the requirement of the industry. Installation of products have resulted in increased yield and decreased waste for many industries. We consider all the requirements of our clients which is why our products are in high demand.