Humidity Data Loggers


Monitoring the humidity in the environment can be as important as monitoring the temperature and obtaining a top quality humidity monitor is essential if a manufacturer or other companies want to do business right. Fortunately, many temperature and humidity monitors are combined so you do not have to buy separate loggers to track both the temperature and the humidity.

How Does a Humidity Monitor work?

humidity-monitoring-deviceThe Humidity monitor measures the amount of moisture in the air and records the data for later examination. Most humidity monitor will record its data in percentages while some will measure the humidity as grams per cubic meter. Uncontrolled humidity conditions can be as big a problem as uncontrolled temperature conditions. It is important for different industries to make sure the humidity levels are at optimum levels, that is why there are different models of humidity loggers.

  1. Standalone Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

    This portable model is the easiest to use. The person simply places this monitor in a room and lets it work. The unit comes with its own power source so there is no need to hook it up to a power source. Just turn it on and it is good to go.

  2. Humidity data logger type MX-HS-S-16-L


    This is another standalone logger that records both temperature and humidity. Its reading capacity is 8000 readings for both measurements. The length of time this logger will take readings depends upon the interval settings- 5-minute intervals will allow the logger to work for approx. 27 days.

    You are not limited to just one memory capacity but can customize the memory to fit your purpose and the data is transferred through a USB connection. You can double, triple or even quadruple the memory capacity. Along with these features, there is a 4 LED light alert system. If there is a problem the lights will start blinking. The battery will last for up to one year depending on use.

  3. Panel-Mounted Humidity Data Logger

    As the name says this unit is mounted to a panel and comes with a variety of functions and sensors. The sensors all have different parameters guiding their work so it is necessary to know your specific needs when selecting a variation of this model.

  4. Multi-Functional Humidity Data Logger


    It is possible to have a device that monitors more than just temperature and humidity. You can monitor everything you need to watch out for with this multi-purpose unit. It monitors temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, particulate matter levels and much more. Cover all the bases with this unit.

These are not all the devices that are on the market today. Check with your local experts to find the right logger for your business.

Some Final Words


It is possible to have your humidity monitors automatically transfer their recorded data to internal climate control panels. This means you do not have to manually collect the recorded data from the different humidity loggers. The loggers will do all the work.

Humidity loggers are also designed to work in the most unforgiving of environments. They will collect the data needed for accurate analysis of the weather conditions. The information these loggers provide are essential to general life as much as they are to those specialized industries handling very sensitive materials and products.

If you are unsure which humidity monitor is right for your business and its environmental concerns then contact the experts. They have the knowledge and experience you need to find the right monitor for your business needs. The experts are trained to help you get the most value for your money. Call them now.