Weather monitoring systems

weather-monitoring-in-africa-vackerafricaWhatever you do and whatever field you are in you want to turn to the experts when you need solutions to your problems. The experts have the knowledge and experience to see you through no matter what the issue is. Munro Instruments has over 150 years of manufacturing meteorology equipment. There isn’t a situation we have not seen or know how to handle.

Over the decades we have developed a wide range of products to cover all meteorological situations. Our products cover all industries from agricultural, aviation, marine to nuclear, aviation and renewable resources and much more.



Wind Speed & Direction: Our innovative products can monitor all wind speeds and its directions. This is a vital contribution as many lives depend upon which direction the wind is blowing and how fast it blows. Airplane pilots, forest fire fighters and others all depend upon this knowledge to land their planes safely or fight a forest fire successfully

Air Quality: The quality of life depends on a large amount on the quality of the air we breathe. Being outside in an atmosphere that has bad air quality can affect our health as well as our lives. Or the lack of quality air can lead to other disasters that could easily be avoided if the air was monitored correctly. Munro Instruments have developed very sensitive sensors to help cities and businesses monitor the quality of the air in their environments. With this information, they can take the right steps to avoid a tragedy.

Temperature & Humidity: You may not think that temperature and humidity affect life that much but they do have an impact on many different industries. For example, farmers depend upon the knowing the highs and lows of both temperature and humidity to plant their crops, water them and even harvest them. Tourism is another example where temperature and humidity influence the impact of this industry. This is not all as interior temperatures and humidity affect the employees and their production.

Barometric Pressure: Our sensors help forecasters detect upcoming weather changes. This information helps a wide range of industries and can save lives. Barometric readings affect many people and accurate readings are essential to this vital aspect of meteorology.

Solar, Cloud, Lightning: Solar power is becoming a staple in the energy industry thus high rescission solar monitoring equipment is important. Our sensors cover all aspects of solar activity including cell research, module development, site selection, performance evaluation and meteorological observation.

Water Quality: Everyone knows that water quality is integral to enjoying a quality level of life thus monitoring the water quality of a region is essential. Crops, ecosystems, drinking water all need monitoring to make sure the water is fit for all life.

Soil Quality: Another vital ingredient for all life on earth. Soil needs to be monitored in order to ensure the soil quality can sustain plant and animal life. Soil needs to be checked make sure it can filter rainwater cleanly and be healthy enough for humans to live in the area.

These are just some of the areas our products monitor. Keeping an eye on nature allows us to make the right decisions for habitation, employment and recreation. We can achieve a great quality of life by being responsible and monitor the different meteorological conditions that affect all life. To see a full list of our products just check out our website



Agriculture: To manage their crops properly farmers need up to date information on soil, air and water quality. Onsite monitoring enables them to plan and implement the right strategies that bring them a larger crop yield.

Marine & Offshore: This is an industry that is very vulnerable to severe weather changes. Air and water monitoring allows them to be prepared when a storm strikes. Mistakes, damage due to weather, and other tragedies can be environmentally dangerous and impact our seafood supply chain.

Aviation: With lives on the line every minute of every day, aviation companies need real-time monitoring to protect their passengers and cargo. This information needs to come from a variety of sensors covering multiple of atmospheric influence. These include barometric, rainfall, airspeed and direction and much more. Split second decisions depend upon the accurate and up-to-date information.

Road & Railway: Weather impacts trains and vehicles in different ways. Trains can derail if there is an alteration to their tracks due to the weather conditions and long-haul trucks can be blown off the road if they are hit by a strong wind. Being aware of the current weather conditions helps highway & railway authorities protect those who use the roads and the rails.

meteorology-monitoring-system-in-africa-vackerafricaMeteorology: The weather affects everyone and all businesses. It can allow families to go on recreational outings or cancel make them cancel their plans. Weather can allow business to ship their products or keep them in the warehouses. With the information, meteorologists gather effective counter-strategies can be formed and families and businesses do not have to lose out because a day did not turn out as good as they wanted it.

These are only a few of the industries that benefit from our 150 years of experience and knowledge. Our sensors and other monitoring products help authorities and other authorities protect lives and keep the weather from causing more damage.

Keeping an eye on meteorological conditions enhances the quality of life and allows businesses and other industries to conserve their resources, allocating them to other important aspects of their businesses. Offshore entities have limited access to emergency services thus precise information enables them to protect their operations and their employees.

It cannot be said often enough that the accurate monitoring of all aspects of life contributes to sustaining life and allowing more people to live as they should. Munro Instruments have dedicated its business life to providing the accurate, up-to-date information from the best and most precise equipment technology allows them to develop.




Munro Instruments is not content with just monitoring the exterior atmosphere that surrounds all life. They are also experts in monitoring interior atmospheres where people spend most of their time. Their CosaTron Air Purification Systems can be attached to existing HVAC systems and help purify the air and improve the air quality inside office buildings and warehouses. By removing contaminants from the interior atmosphere employees become more productive, businesses experience reduced maintenance costs and helps preserve the building and its contents.

The CosaTron Air Purification Systems does all this through avoiding ionizing the air or generating ozone. Then with no moving parts, this system needs a little downtime to maintain its operating prowess. This system can be installed in many different buildings including airport terminals, libraries, museums, auditoriums, casinos, churches, conference centers, restaurants, medical facilities, industrial control rooms, office buildings and educational facilities.

There is no limit to where this system can be applied. It is economical, efficient and thorough. Another feature is the versatility of the system. It is possible to customize the system to meet those environments that do not comply with standard configurations.

An alternative system to the CosaTron Air Purification Systems is the Munro Particle Sense P600 which provides continuous, real-time measurements of airborne particulate activity. This is essential as businesses employ people who have allergies and their absence from work means lower productivity and revenue for the companies that employ them. One good feature of this system is that it can be used for interior monitoring or moved to outside to monitor exterior air quality.

A Few Final Words


Monitoring the air, soil and other aspects of life may not seem like a big deal to the common person but in reality, the monitoring helps their life. Most people do not realize that this monitoring is actually taking place let alone contributing to their quality of life.

Quality monitoring is not for the faint of heart as so much depends upon the readings recorded by the different products employed to watch for minute changes in weather patterns, air quality, soil and water quality and much more.

Munro Instruments are not faint hearted and have dedicated their business life to ensuring that their products are up to the task, providing precise and accurate information while helping people to prepare for the worst. They have been at this for over 150 years and they know what they are doing. They have the experience, the know-how and the expertise to monitor all industries and the different conditions which affect them.

They have developed some of the best products they can utilizing technology and its advances to help them produce the best instruments that keep people safe and businesses from losing their cargo and so on. Their work covers all industries from food to travel to offshore interest and they keep upgrading to make sure these industries are protected by the ultimate most precise equipment possible.

Munro Industries keeps a watch while you sleep. They are on duty 24 hours a day so that you can rest easy at night and work comfortably during the day.