Industrial Dehumidifiers

industrial-dehumidifierHumidity is a factor that is not only affecting the daily life of people (humidity control) but also industrial production. With the surge in the development of industrial products industries are becoming aware of the possibility of increasing the profits and reducing excessive waste. Unwanted expenses can really hamper the business of the manufacturing industries. Industries desperately want to decrease the maintenance expenses and wastage in their business. These expenses may seem small but in the long run, it can significantly increase their overall expenses to manufacture a finished product.

Increased level of humidity in industries is one of the factors that can be costly for the industries. Such problem in the industries is not a new one and various technologies have been applied to keep the humidity level in check. Humidity is a natural phenomenon but it is not a problem without remedy unlike common belief.

Source of excessive humidity in industries


Humidity occurs naturally in the air and it does not require rain to have humidity in the air. The level of moisture air can support depends solely on the temperature of the air. The level of moisture air can withhold is directly proportional to the temperature of the air. In other words the warmer the air gets the more moisture air can hold. When the temperature of the air cools down the ability to hold the moisture decreases which increases the humidity level of the air. This results formation of moisture layer on cold surfaces, thus increasing the dampness we all are acquainted with.

What are the negative effects of excessive humidity in business?

1) Accelerated rate of metal corrosion


High level of humidity can accelerate the rate at which a metal corrodes. Many stocks in the industries get damaged due to accelerated corrosion. This also reduces the life of the machinery used in the industries. In extreme cases, it can cost industries millions of dollars.

2) Frequent condensation

The high level of humidity is also related to the increased condensation in the walls and ceiling of the walls which results in the damage of structure. It also increases the chance of mould growth in water absorbent material.

3) Effects on storage and packaging

Along with the machinery and stock products the packaging is also equally affected by the high level of humidity. Dampness and condensation are the main reasons behind the damaging of packaging.

4) Other problems

High humidity creates an unpleasant environment with annoying odor in the air. It also creates various health hazards in the workers. Allergies become quite common in the humid environment. People suffering from asthma can struggle to breathe freely. Overall high humidity is not good to maintain ideal work environment.

Industrial dehumidifiers by Vacker Africa


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