Home and Office Dehumidifiers

home-and-office-dehumidifierWith summer approaching what comes first in the mind of people is the high humidity with each increasing degrees in the thermometer. Indeed the stickiness and the damp air due to high humidity can be quiet irritating but the impacts are not limited to just these things. High humidity can create far more complex health issues than one would normally assume. Homes and offices are the places where common people generally spend their most of the time and hence, it is very important to keep the humidity level of these places in check.

What are the negative impacts of high humidity in homes and offices?


The first noticeable impact that high level of humidity causes is the feeling of hotness then it really is. Hair starts looking frizzy and the constant feeling of stickiness is also seen. We feel hotter than it really is because the high level of moisture in the air stops our body from sweating appropriately which is one way of cooling of our body. To say it more simply we can say that the cooling mechanism of our body is disturbed due to high humidity.

High humidity is also related to sleeping problems of people. People can find their sleep disturbed due to high humidity. Keeping the high humidity problems unresolved is just like keeping an attractive signboard of welcome for molds, bacteria and dust mites. Moulds are notorious for releasing tiny spores in the air which can cause allergic reactions in many people. Along with allergic reactions these spores are also known to trigger asthma and various other respiratory problems. You also will have to suffer from eye irritation, nose irritation, sore throat and many more. Conditions for infants, children and elderly can be worse as they are the most vulnerable to these problems. High humidity in the office can also lower the productivity of a worker significantly.

How to deal with the high humidity level in homes and offices?


Now it’s no secret that nobody wants giant moulds in the walls of their homes and offices. But there is no reason to panic yet because mould development just doesn’t happen overnight. It is estimated that it takes a minimum of 24 hours to 48 hours of high humidity level for the development of mould. So cooking, bathing with hot water, air drying clothes, etc. are some of the activities that can increase the humidity level in the air. But it’s not a matter of worry as long as the humidity level is up for temporary period.

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