Comfort dehumidifier for home and office, heated garage

This dehumidifier is excellent performance and an attractive rounded design, the device can be harmoniously integrated into almost every room design and with its dehumidifying power, it is recommended for up to 10 liters per day for rooms up to 15 m² in area. include the automatic electronic defrosting system, the filling level warning light for when the water tank is full, as well as the overfill protection function with automatic shut-down. The automatic circulated air defrosting system also allows you to use the device from room temperatures as low as 5°C.

Comfort dehumidifier an integrated separate connection, with which the condensate can be routed via hose conveniently directly into a drain. The washable air filter as well as a practical carrying handle for a simple change of workplace completes the features of this comfort dehumidifier. Comfort dehumidifier is equipped with an easily accessible and easy to clean, renewable air filter. It filters animal hair, fluff, lint, dust and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Applications of comfort dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-26-E

The comfort dehumidifier model no. VAC-TTK-26-E is useful for following applications,

    1. It is used in a heated garage for dehumidification purposes.
    2. It is used for the dry keeping of basement rooms. 
    3. It is used in dehumidifying the home and office.
    4. It is used in the guestroom to improve the room climate.
    5. It is used in dehumidifying the hobby or party room.

Features of comfort dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-26-E 

    1. This comfort dehumidifier has a filling level warning light when the water tank is full.
    2. It has a separate hose connection for external condensate discharge.
    3. It has the easy to clean and easily accessible air filter.
    4. It has an easily accessible air filter, easy to clean. Filters animal hair, lint, fluff, dust and prevents bacterial growth.
    5. This dehumidification capacity of up to 10 liters per day.
    6. This comfort dehumidifier has a very compact and lightweight device in its.
    7. It has Overfill protection with auto-shutdown.
    8. It has a recirculating air defrosting.

Specifications of comfort dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-26-E for heated garages, basement rooms, and home and office

    1. This comfort dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-26-E comes with plastic housing.
    2. The comfort dehumidifier operates with 42 dB (A) in the distance of 1 meter sound values.
    3. The water tank of this comfort dehumidifier has a capacity of up to 1.8 liters.
    4. The comfort dehumidifier for home and office is 0.24 KW power only.
    5. This comfort dehumidifier compressor discharge side pressure is 1.5 [MPa].
    6. The weight of this comfort dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-26-E is 9.5 kg.
    7. This comfort dehumidifier operated at 5°-32° C with 20 to 80% RH.
    8. The electric connection plug is CEE 7/7.
    9. The comfort dehumidifier recommended hose size is 9.
    10. This comfort dehumidifier for basement rooms has an electric connection cable length is 1.8 meter.
    11. The fan type used is axial with stage 1.
    12. It has an available container with shut-off functionality when the condensate tank is full.
    13. The maximum dehumidification capacity is 10 l/24h.
    14. The CO2 equivalent is 0.11 t.
    15. The amount of cooling agent is 80 g.
    16. This comfort dehumidifier for heated garages has a recommended room size dry keeping is 15m² / 37 m³.
    17. The GWP factor of the compressor is 1,430.
    18. The comfort dehumidifier can operate in 50HZ supply with 220-240Voltage.
    19. The nominal current consumption is 1 A.
    20. The dimensions of this comfort dehumidifier, model VAC-TTK-26-E are L 210 x W 295 x H 420mm.

We supply these comfort dehumidifiers for heated garages, basement rooms, and home and office across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.