Commercial Dehumidifier is built for various applications

The Commercial dehumidifier VAC-TTK 75 ECO uses the condensation principle to automatically dehumidify the areas. It is manufactured by Trotec, Germany which specializes in comprehensive condition monitoring, controlling, and management solutions. This is a flexible device with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 20 liters per day at a discharged airflow of 260 /h.

This dehumidifier is a portable type and it has a fitted cable holder with retractable metal carrying handle and can thus, be carried easily to the operating site. Thanks to its efficient rotary piston compressor, the low maintenance device can be transported and stored in any position. It comes with a hard-wearing steel frame, which means no harm to this dehumidifier in a rough construction site environment. It immediately removes huge amounts of moisture from the room air and even at low temperatures in unheated rooms, thanks to the automatic defrosting of hot gas. It is ideal at temperatures of 5°C-32°C to a higher location. And has a robust metal housing. 

The VAC-TTK 75 ECO is also best suited for longer unattended dry-keeping operations, the duration of which can be precisely calculated via the integrated operating time counter and it’s great for commercial applications. It has an external condensate drain and the condensate pump which is optionally available. Another feature for this device is it has a water tank and automatically switches off when it’s full. With a warning light that indicates when its water tank is full.

Applications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-75 ECO:

The Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-75 ECO is useful for the following applications:

      1. It is designed for use in industrial applications and construction sites.
      2. It is used in garage and basement rooms for drying and dehumidifying purposes.
      3. It is used to maintain the humidity level in a museum.
      4. It is used to maintain the dryness of moisture-sensitive loads etc.
      5. Dehumidification in data center rooms to protect electronic parts from corrosion.
      6. It is commonly used to reduce humidity in production areas..
      7. It can be used during the manufacturing and storing of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.
      8. It is used to minimize the moisture content in gyms, spa and fitness centers.
      9. It is used to remove excess moisture in the food industry to avoid wet floors, caking and clogged machinery.
      10. It is used in paper & printing industries where high humidity increases of consistency of paper and ink color.

Features of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-75 ECO:

      1. It is a  cost-effetive solution for traditional commercial dehumidification applications.
      2. It has a high dehumidification efficiency even at low temperatures.
      3. It is ideal for rooms up to the size of 110 m³.
      4. It is made of robust steel construction.
      5. It allows the user to move quickly and easily to another place of action.
      6. It has an automated hot gas defrost system.
      7. It is consists of an energy-efficient rotary compressor.
      8. It has a tracker on operating hours.
      9. It is provided with a point for a hosepipe connection for continuous drainage.
      10. It has a water tank, and it switches off automatically when it’s full.
      11. It has a warning light that indicates a full water tank.
      12. It is eco-friendly of all time.
      13. It has retratable handle at the top of the dehumidifier.

Specifications of Commercial Dehumidifier, model no. VAC-TTK-75 ECO for basement, construction sites, and museum.

      1. The maximum dehumidification performance is up to 21 liters per day.
      2. It has a 6.4 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 20 °C / 60 % RH.
      3. It has a 20 l/24h dehumidification capacity at 30 °C / 80 % RH.
      4. The maximum air volume is 260 m³/h.
      5. It has a steel coated housing design.
      6. The dehumidifier can operate both 50Hz supply with 220-240Voltage.
      7. The nominal current consumption is 1.6A.
      8. The power supply consumes 0.44kW.
      9. The operating temperature range is 5°C to 32°C.
      10. The operating humidity range is 32%Rh to 90%Rh.
      11. The recommended room size for dry keeping is 110 m³ or 45 m².
      12. It has a rotary piston compressor.
      13. The type of cooling agent is R-134a.
      14. The CO2 equivalent of the compressor is 2.272 t.
      15. It has a water tank of up to 4 liters.
      16. It has a sound level of 46 dBA for stage 1.
      17. It has an automated defrost system running hot gas.
      18. It has a non-stop dehumidification function.
      19. It has a single-stage axial fan.
      20. It has a water tank, and it switches off automatically once it’s full.
      21. It has a warning light indicator when the container is full.
      22. The air filter is readily accessible and easy to clean.
      23. It has an operating time counter.
      24. It’s a transport/ carrying design.
      25. The dehumidifier has a hose connection and allows the user for continuous drainage.
      26. It is with a pump performance of up to 50 m distance and a maximum pump height of 4 m.

We supply these Commercial Dehumidifiers for garage, construction sites, and museum across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.