Condensation Dehumidifier for public area applications

The Condensation Dehumidifier DH15 is a cost-effective solution for dry keeping in small commercial or pubic areas where more public access is operational. The Dehumidifier DH15 fully designed and manufactured with high standard components by Trotec, Germany. It is a most-effective solution for fully automatic humidity control in small areas. It can function even in 00 Celsius because of its well-orchestrated components. The users can control the humidity by provided internal hygrostat. 

The advantage of this DH series dehumidifier is operating and control elements are protected from unauthorized access, which can make it an effective dehumidifier for public buildings like retail stores or museums. It is equipped with an Axial fan driven by a robust AC motor for long fie time to ensure permanent operation with low maintenance. It has hot gas automatic defrost system to protect the compressor and evaporator from ice forming. Due to well-orchestrated components and design, it can install easily and ideally suited for assembling above doors to control humidity with high air circulation performance.

Application of Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-15

    1. To maintain the dry air in small public areas. 
    2. To maintain and control the humidity in material storerooms.
    3. Dehumidification in water processing facilities.
    4. For dry keeping tasks in server rooms.
    5. To keep the dry environment in document storage applications.
    6. To maintain the humidity in natural products storage areas like timber yards, raw tobacco or coffee storages.

Features of Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-15

    1. This condensation dehumidifier is equipped with an axial fan and driven by a robust AC motor for a long lifetime.
    2. Functioning with Hot gas automatic defrost system.
    3. The robust heat exchanger block to ensure high resistance to anti-corrosion.
    4. High dehumidification performance at low temperature ranges up to 00C.
    5. Control components are protected from unauthorized access.
    6. An optional condensation pump is available for fully automatic operation.
    7. The users can control humidity by internal hygrostat.

Specifications of the Condensation Dehumidifier, model no.VAC-DH-15 for dehumidification in small public rooms, retail stores, storage areas, etc. 

    1. The compressor of this condensation Dehumidifier for small public rooms works with R-407C refrigerant gas.
    2. The Dehumidifier can operate in both 50 HZ supply with 230Voltage.
    3. The Nominal current consumption is 3.8 A.
    4. The condensation Dehumidifier for water processing facilities consumes 0.43KW power only.
    5. The operating temperature range is 00 Celsius to 400Celsius. 
    6. The Operating humidity range is 30%Rh to 90%Rh.
    7. The dehumidification capacity of Condensation Dehumidifier for storage areas is 22litre/24hour
    8. The volume of air in the stage maximum is 225m3/hour.
    9. Operating and control elements of this condensation Dehumidifier for retail stores are protected from unauthorized access.
    10. The heat emission of this unit is 0.9KW.
    11. The heat emission coefficient of performance (COP) is 1.6.
    12. The condensation dehumidifier can supply with an optional condensation pump for drain water.
    13. This condensation dehumidifier is equipped with an axial fan and driven by a robust AC motor. 
    14. Users can control the humidity continuously by provided internal hygrostat.
    15.  The amount of cooling agent in the compressor is 340grams.
    16. The compressor is operating with 0.7Mpa suction pressure and 2.7Mpa discharge pressure.
    17. The GWP factor of the compressor is 1774.
    18. The compressor has 0.63[t] CO2 equivalent. 
    19. The condensation dehumidifier is designed with the dimension of Length 365mm, width 840mm, Height 330mm, and 37.1Kg weight.  
    20. The Desiccant Dehumidifier operates with 49dB(A) in the distance of 3meter sound values. 
    21. It has a hot gas automatic defrosting function to protect the evaporator from ice forming.
    22. The recommended condensation hose is 10mm.

We supply this Condensation Dehumidifier for dehumidification in small public rooms, retail stores, storage areas across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.