Insulation Dryer for moisture elimination from the insulation layer in the walls and under the screed

These Insulation Dryers are essential in eliminating moisture from all types of insulation and insulation layers, in the walls, and under the screed effectively. They are designed and manufactured by Trotec, UK who are specialized in the manufacturing of industrial tools and machines for over 20 years. Moisture can accumulate in the insulation layer due to various conditions like a pipe burst or penetrating rain. When not eliminated properly these moistures can lead to molds or even leads to a permanently damaged building structure. There comes the use of our highly efficient and quick action insulation dryers.

The important feature of the machine is its three-step variable turbo engine capable of achieving up to 20,000rpm with at most efficiency. Due to the enhanced design, the engine output and power consumption are always linear, achieving maximum efficiency in minimum power. The engine comprises three power stages and five operating modes which can be adjusted according to the application. The all-new innovative High Dry automatic control system adjusts the performance based on the volumetric flow.

Another overwhelming feature is the non-wearable touch screen control panel and multifunction display. The engine is also enclosed in a highly robust and extremely durable ABS housing which is 100% recyclable. The housing is featured by high impact resistance and better sound absorption. 

Applications of Insulation Dryer, model no. VAC-x:

The Turbo Fan, model no. VAC- E2618-PID is useful for the following applications:

    1. It is used in construction drying.
    2. It is used for drying insulation in walls.
    3. It is used for drying under the screed areas.
    4. It is efficient against moisture due to pipe bursting
    5. It is efficient against moisture due to penetrating rain.

Features of Insulation Dryer, model no. VAC-x:

    1. This machine is equipped with a three-step variable turbo engine.
    2. It is provided with Hi Dry optimization technology for low power consumption.
    3. The machine can be operated in five modes.
    4. It can be used for high and low-pressure operations.
    5. It is equipped with a robust ABS housing which is shock resistant.
    6. It is equipped with a multifunction LED display for installation optimization.
    7. The machine is recyclable to 100%.
    8. It is provided with NR silencers for noiseless operation. 
    9. It has a non-wearing touch screen control panel.
    10. It is made with lighter materials for easy handling and transportation.
    11. The wheels are of high quality and robust with roll stop catch mechanism.

Specifications of Insulation Dryer, model no. VAC-x for Insulation Drying:

    1. The body dimensions of the Insulation Dryer are H420 × W430 × D415 mm. 
    2. The weight of the machine excluding the package is 10Kg.
    3. The Electrical main should be 230V/50 Hz supply.
    4. The electrical power input is 1.2Kw. 
    5. The nominal current consumption is 5.5Amps.
    6. The Electric connection Plug type is CEE7/7.
    7. The recommended room size excess pressure is 90m3.
    8. The recommended room size low pressure is 70m3.  
    9. Air discharge volume when on free-flowing is 250m3/h.
    10. The maximum excess air pressure is 270mBar
    11. The maximum low air pressure is 220mBar.
    12. The optimum volume flow in whisper mode is 100m3/h.
    13. The optimum volume flow in stage 1 is 100m3/h.
    14. The optimum volume flow in stage 2 is 150m3/h.
    15. The optimum volume flow in stage 3 is 180m3/h.
    16. The optimum volume flow in boost mode is 250m3/h.
    17. The machine is equipped with a special whisper mode for very low noise operation. 
    18. It is equipped with an integrated LED display.
    19. The body is also equipped with carrying/transport handles. 
    20. The machine is 100% downwardly compatible with previous models.

We supply these Insulation Dryers across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles etc.