Mobile Condenser Dryer for Warehouses, Storerooms & Food

Mobile Condenser Dryer due to its compact space-saving dimensions, several appliances can be stored and transported in a small space. In terms of performance, the smallest dehumidifier of this series belongs to the largest of its class.

Besides the enhanced performance and the with 11 liters larger water tank, the extremely silent and features numerous practical details which make it an effective dehumidification unit.

Not only can the air filter quickly be removed for cleaning in just one step, Convenient for transportation due to its horizontal or vertical handlebar placements.

Applications of Mobile Condenser Dryer, model no. VAC-TTK 200

    1. It having an operating temperature range of 0 to 40° C, for warehouse applications.
    2. In storeroom indoor installation, it controls the condensation formation.
    3. In the food storage industry, this device operation is helpful to ensure quality.
    4. Medicines that should be maintained at a certain humidity level, this device will be useful to maintain it.

Features of Mobile Condenser Dryer, model no. VAC-TTK 200

    1. Dry keeping of rooms sized up to 500 m³.
    2. Easy to carry and less weight with high optimal performance.
    3. The device operating noise is less.
    4. 11-liter water condensation collection with overfill protection.
    5. The device has a powerful rotation compressor. 

Specifications of Mobile Condenser Dryer, model no. VAC-TTK 200 Warehouses, Storerooms & Food Industries

    1. Dehumidification performance at 20° C /60% RH is 17 liters.
    2. Dehumidification performance at 30° C /80% RH is 25 liters.
    3. The amount of air volume is 230 m³/h.
    4. Its noise at high performance is 55dB in Distance of 1m.
    5. Device housing available with Metal coating.
    6. This Mobile Condenser Dryer for Warehouses has an operating range of 0° C to 40° C room temperature.
    7. For mobility purposes, it having Non-Marking Rubberwheel to move without scratches.
    8. For easy moving Carry/Transport handles are available.
    9. Desiccant Dehumidifier for Food Storage available with Air Volume Regulation.
    10. It has an 11 liters Condensate water tank.
    11. Runs with single-stage axial fan.
    12. It has a rotary piston compressor.
    13. Indoor Installation version.
    14. This Mobile Condenser Dryer for Food Storage its Dehumidification max capacity 35l per day.
    15. The device operating voltage is single phase 230V AC.
    16. Filter easily accessible and cleanable
    17. Condensate hose size is 12mm

We supply these Mobile Condenser Dryers for Warehouses, Storerooms & Food industries across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.