Professional Air cleaner for cleanroom environments

The Professional air cleaner VAC-TAC-3000 is specially designed for construction site and asbestos abatement including to hygiene-sensitive areas and cleanrooms. This device enables such a wide variety of applications that no other air cleaner on the market is likely to offer from ordinary building sites to asbestos abatements to hygiene-sensitive areas or virus filtering, and even in cleanroom environments. It has a maximum air volume of 2,150 m³/h at a maximum pressure of 1,100Pa. It is fully designed and manufactured by Trotec, Germany.

Another advantage for VAC-TAC-3000 professional air cleaner has a globally unique Vario-shift function that can be adjusted with all application scenarios and in line with regulations. It has a modular and flexible filter module with an optimum filter combination that can be combined for any level of air contamination in the room. Using the Vario-shift function, the air cleaner can be configured with the HEPA terminal filter as prescribed for the cleanroom environments. It can also be fitted with an H14 filter for the HEPA filter compartment to ensure the successful separation of viruses and other airborne contaminants in the particles range from 0.1 to 0.2 µm. With dust class H and can be approved for the asbestos reduction in compliance with TRGS 519.

The Professional air cleaner VAC-TAC-3000 effectively filters building dust from the air during continuous service and alerts you automatically, visually, and acoustically when a filter change is needed. The device has a monoventic regulator for precise and infinitely adjustable air volumes which allows you the make a setting exactly to your requirements. It is an advanced air purification designed for an economical purchase with excellent performance quality and simple handling. The sound value of this air cleaner at 1m distance is 65 dB(A). It can operate for both 50-60Hz with 230 Voltage.

Applications of Professional Air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000:

The Professional air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 is useful for the following applications:

1. It can be used in asbestos abatement.
2. It is an extremely durable metal housing suitable for construction works and renovation sites.
3. It can be used for water damage restoration.
4. It can be used for fire damage restoration.
5. It is used to remove the chemical substances, dust, and molds in cleanrooms.
6. It is used to remove unpleasant odor and airborne allergens in indoor spaces.
7. It used an H14 HEPA filter to remove the airborne bacteria, particles, and mold spores in hygienc sensitive areas.
8. It is used in mould fungus remediation.
9. It is used in blasting operations.
10. It is used for purifying the air in the pharmaceutical industry.

Features of Professional air cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 :

1. It has a Vario shift feature for the optimal installation of the terminal ventilator or HEPA filter fittings.
2. It is prepared for the future BG guidelines for the use of portable air purification units.
3. It is an investment security that already fulfills the ErP Directive 2015 requirements.
4. With Dust Class H, permitted for asbestos remediation in line with TRGS 519.
5. It features a flexible filter system for dust collection and sprays paint mist extraction.
6. It is very durable and has a stackable metal housing.
7. It is constructed with monoventic regulator for correct and infinitely adjustable volumes of the air.
8. It comes with an indicator for visual and acoustic filter adjustments.
9. It has a durable design with detachable fasteners for easy filter exchange.
10. It has an advanced HEPA filter H14 for effectively removing the viruses and airborne bacteria.
11. It has a powerful radial fan.

Specifications of Professional Air Cleaner, model no. VAC-TAC-3000 for hygiene-sensitive areas, cleanrooms, and construction sites.

1. The maximum air volume flow is 2,150 m³/h.
2. The negative pressure static of this air cleaner is 1,100 Pa.
3. The recommended amount of air for dust class H is 1000 m³/h.
4. The air volume with filter surface H13 is 7.5 m².
5. It has a vario-shift function for variable filter configuration.
6. It can operate both 50-60Hz supplies with 230Voltage.
7. The power supply consumes 0.45 kW.
8. It has a nominal current consumption of 2.8 A.
9. The recommended fusing is 10 A.
10. The electric connection plug type is CEE 7/7, H05RN-F.
11. The diameter of the air transport hose connection for the suction side is 250 mm.
12. The diameter of the air transport hose connection for the blowing out is 250 mm.
13. It has a sound level of 65 dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter.
14. It has a radial fan stepless stages.
15. It has a dimension of L 833 mm, W 460 mm, and H 532 mm.
16. The weight of this air cleaner is 36 kg.
17. It is equipped with infinite adjustment of air volume.
18. It has a filter change indication for pre-filter and main filter.
19. The suitable filter for combination coarse dust (≤ 3 ACH) is G4 and suitable for rooms sized up to 500 m³.
20. The suitable filter for combination fine particulates (≤ 3 ACH) is G4 + F7/F9 and suitable for rooms sized up to 270 m³.
21. The suitable filter for combination suspended matter (≥ 10 ACH) is G4 + H13 and suitable for rooms sized up to 100 m³.
22. The suitable filter for combination Hygienic areas (≥ 15 ACH) is G4 + H13 and suitable for rooms sized up to 70 m³.
23. It has a carry/transport handles.
24. It has a swivel casters with parking brakes.
25. It has a fixed castors.
26. It has a castors/wheels with non straining.
27. It is stackable.

We supply these Professional air cleaner for hygiene-sensitive areas, cleanrooms, and construction site across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.