Vacker Africa has been a supplier of different models of Dehumidifier for commercial, industrial or household use in African region. High humidity can be a major problem in African regions especially during the months of summer. We understand the environment of the region and provide the best kind of services related to dehumidifiers for the people of Africa. We supply dehumidifiers in different parts of Africa such as Tanzania, Chad, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Niger, Algeria, Cameroon, etc.

Now, with the high quality dehumidifiers in your houses you can finally bid farewell to the stickiness in your house, offices or workplace. Our dehumidifiers are capable of working in every kind of practically possible extreme environment. We provide dehumidifiers for your basements, swimming pools, living space, etc.

Different models of Dehumidifiers

Vacker Africa supplies various models of dehumidifiers in regions of Africa, such as those listed below:

  • Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

  • There are thousands of swimming pools in the hot region of Africa. Generally, the area around the swimming pool is very humid. High humidity around the swimming pool can be very harmful to the health of people and property in the surrounding. Vacker Africa provides special type of dehumidifiers designed for the swimming pool. These dehumidifiers helps you get rid of the humid condition around the swimming pool as well as avoid the growth of mosses and molds in the walls around the surrounding.

  • Portable Dehumidifier for Homes and Offices

  • The highest in demand among our customer is the dehumidifier for homes and offices. We provide the right kinds of dehumidifiers with the right capacity of dehumidification for your homes and offices. We have different models of dehumidifiers that can match the requirement of your living space. The customer should realize that bigger dehumidifier does not mean better. The right kind of dehumidifier can save you both energy and money for you.

  • Basement Dehumidifier

  • Generally, basement is the one place that remains humid throughout the year. High humidity can cause loss of properties that is stored in the basement. Our basement dehumidifier is the best solution to get rid of your humidity problems in the basement. Now with the installment of the dehumidifier basement will no more be a sticky uncomfortable place where people hate to go.

  • Commercial Dehumidifier

  • Dehumidifiers can play a very important role in protecting different kinds of products from getting damaged in the industries and warehouses. We have designed very powerful dehumidifiers for the industries and warehouses that can solve any problem related to humidity.