Turbo fan used for drying of floors or walls

The turbo fans are especially well-suited for operation in carpet and cavity drying and water damage restoration. These highly flexible fans deliver a stunningly convincing performance in every situation. The housing of this compact fan is made of virtually indestructible polyethylene, which makes him light, robust and extremely flexible.

Due to its specially formed air exhaust duct, this turbo fan produces a wide air current near the ground above wet flooring or screeds. The room air is thus optimally distributed which perceptibly reduces drying time. The turbofan can be operated at various angles (0°, 45°, 90°). This means that the turbofans are highly-flexible.

It blows out a huge amount of air of up to 2800 m³/h exerting great force with a maximum air pressure of 525 Pa. Its specially shaped air-outlet duct enables the turbo fan to generate a wide airflow close to the ground. This gives a discernible increase in the drying time for wet floor coverings and moist screeds. The accelerated drying time also saves valuable time for cleaning carpets – combined with the advantage that the natural fiber surfaces warp a lot less than with other drying processes and the unsightly ripples and creases are prevented.

Applications of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-30

    1. Floor drying after maintenance or cleaning.
    2. Ventilation of hollow flooring in offices, gyms, bowling alleys.
    3. Drying out of timber beam ceiling constructions and movable walls.
    4. Drying up of cement flooring and plaster surfaces.
    5. It is used for accelerating the construction drying process.
    6. It is used in the ventilation of cavities within a solid object.

Features of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-30

    1. It has robust polyethylene housing.
    2. It has a double-flow turbine with an extra-large special axle.
    3. High energy efficiency therefore powerful yet low energy costs.
    4. It has all the internal parts made of metal.
    5. Operation and storage at different angles possible motor with high-quality bearings no one-sided pressure on axle.
    6. It has an integrated socket at the operating panel.
    7. It has a two-duct radial fan with the extra-large special shaft.
    8. It has three blower settings.
    9. It has an integrated service socket for connecting additional devices.    
    10. It has a handy handlebar which is flexible for 3 different positions.

Specifications of Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-30 for Turbofan used for drying after maintenance or cleaning, ventilation in hollow flooring and accelerating drying process in construction:

    1. Fans will operate three different stages.
    2. The airflow rate of Turbo Fan TFV 30 for stage 1 is 1,350m³/h.
    3. The airflow rate of Turbo Fan TFV 30 for stage 2 is 1,880 m³/h.
    4. The airflow rate of Turbo Fan TFV 30 for stage 3 is 2,250 m³/h.
    5. The air discharge speed of the Turbo fan for drying after maintenance or cleaning max is 10m/s.
    6. The maximum air stream temperature is 60°C.
    7. This turbo fan for accelerating drying process in construction has an air pressure of a maximum of 525 Pascal.
    8. The turbofan can operate in a 50Hz supply with 230Voltage.
    9. The turbo fan for ventilation of hollow flooring has a power consumption max of 1.05 kW.
    10. This turbo Fan nominal current consumption is 5.2A.
    11. The type of protection of the device is IP22.
    12. The sound level at a 3-meter distance for stage 1 is 73.5 decibel (A).
    13. The sound level at a 3-meter distance for stage 2 is 80.8 decibel (A).
    14. The sound level at a 3-meter distance for stage 3 is 86.2 decibel (A).
    15. The cable length of the Turbofan TFV 30 is 5m.
    16. The required fuse for the Turbo fan is 10A.
    17. The dimensions of this Turbo Fan, model VAC-TFV-30 are L 515 x W 545 x H 490mm.
    18. The weight of this turbofan is 16.5 kg.

We supply these Turbo fans for drying timber beam ceiling constructions, movable walls, cement flooring, plaster surfaces and ventilation of cavities within a solid object across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.