Wind Machine for Storeroom, Warehouse & Production

Wind machine for all ventilation tasks in production environments, agriculture or storage areas, where high air exchange rates have to be realized with minimum investment, this wind machine is the best solution.

Owing to the airflow rate of up to 32,400 m³/h, which is adjustable in two stages, using this robust drum fan the required air exchange rates can be achieved even in large rooms or halls.

The chassis, the galvanized steel housing is easy-to-transport and holds an inclinable fan drum for the variable alignment of the wind machine up to a vertical flow position. This way, the air current can be directed specifically at high wall or ceiling areas, which makes this wind machine device as a versatile solution for theatrical ventilation applications on stage, film, and photosets.

Applications of Wind Machine, model no. VAC-TTW 35000 S

    1. It uses for the Agriculture field.
    2. The device uses Storerooms.
    3. The device uses for Warehouses.
    4. The device mostly uses for the Industries for ventilations.
    5. The device uses for Production units.

Features of Wind Machine, model no. VAC-TTW 35000 S

    1. Manufactured in keeping with high industrial standards, Air pressure is 160Pa axial fan.
    2. The capacity of air circulation is up to 32400 m³/h.
    3. Space-saving stackability for transport and storage.
    4. Plugin device type and easy to handle.
    5. A cost-saving ventilation option for many applications.

Specifications of Wind Machine, model no. VAC-TTW 35000 S for Storeroom, Warehouse & Production

    1. Axial fan type with a two-speed stage.
    2. Maximum freely blowing Air volume is 32400m³/h.
    3. This Wind Machine for Storeroom applications, its Inside discharge distance is up to 8 meters.
    4. The power connection plug standard is CEE 7/7.
    5. The required main power supply for the device is 230V/50HZ.
    6. The current consumption at high performance is 3.2 Ampere.
    7. External fuse recommendation is 10 Amps.
    8. This Wind Machine for Warehouse, has the less device operating noise level is 75dB at 3-meter distance.
    9. Easy to carry available with rubber tyred wheel.
    10. The weight of the device is 49kg.
    11. This Wind Machine for Productions, Its air pressure at the maximum stage is 160Pa.
    12. Dimensions of the devices Lx W x H in mm are 525 x 1230 x 1140.
    13. The maximum transport medium temperature is 40 °C.

We supply these Wind Machine for Storerooms, Warehouse & Production industries across all African countries covering South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Djibouti, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mauritius, Gabon, Seychelles, etc.