Conveying Fan for Commercial kitchens & Warehouse

Conveying fan is provided with hose connectors on both sides so that dust bags fixed to the blow-out side can be flexibly combined with air transport hoses on the suction side. Hoses with a length of up to 15 metres can be easily connected to this device.

This device has a robust polyethylene housing and can be used for ventilation of hollow spaces and shafts as well as for fresh air supply to poorly ventilated rooms. This unit is not only tough, but also perfect for dust extraction since it features an enclosed fan motor and a protected electronic system

The unit is also very much used for supportive air transport, such as for air conditioning and heating. For such use, the conveying fan is simply installed between two air transport hoses to aid transport of hot or cold air. For longer distances, several interconnected hoses are used.

Applications of Conveying Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 1500

    1. It uses for ventilation purpose in commercial kitchens.
    2. The device uses for Warehouses.
    3. The device uses for Construction sites.
    4. The device mostly uses for industrial customers for ventilations.

Features of Conveying Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 1500

    1. It is a stackable device and save spaces for many applications.
    2. Robust housing made of polyethylene.
    3. Hose connecting provision available in both blow-out and suction side.
    4. Space-saving stackability for transport and storage.
    5. Suitable for connection of a dust bag for the removal of dirt particles by suction.
    6. The device is IP44 standard protection.

Specifications of Conveying Fan, model no. VAC-TTV 1500 for Commercial kitchens & Industries

    1. Maximum freely blowing Air volume is 1050m³/h
    2. Air discharge speed is 5m/s and 19km/h
    3. The outside discharge distance is 3 meters.
    4. This Conveying fan for Commercial kitchens applications, its Inside discharge distance is up to 9 meters.
    5. The power connection plug standard is CEE 7/7.
    6. The required main power supply for the device is 230V/50HZ.
    7. The current consumption at high performance is 1.6 Ampere.
    8. External fuse recommendation is 10 Amps
    9. This Conveying fan for Warehouse applications, has the less device operating noise level is 71 dB at 3-meter distance.
    10. This High-Performance Fan for Industrial applications, the recommended hose connector size is 200mm and hose length up to 15 meters possible to use.
    11. Easy to carry and stackable.
    12. The weight of the device is 8.5kg.
    13. Air pressure at the maximum stage is 225Pa.
    14. Available with overheating protection.

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