Medical Equipment

Vacker Africa has been contributing to the medical field in Africa by supplying different types of medical equipment in the African region. We provide some of the very useful and sophisticated medical equipment that can be used by hospitals as well as general people. Microscope, Medical Refrigerator, Glucose Meter, etc. are some of the examples of medical equipment supplied by Vacker Africa. We supply medical equipment in different countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, South Africa, Chad, Angola, Cameroon and many more African countries.

Introduction to Medical Equipment

There are different types of medical equipment used by humans all over the world. Any equipment that helps in monitoring of health or helps in treatment of different diseases is known as medical equipment. A different kind of equipment used by the medical personnel to run their operation is also medical equipment. Medical equipment can be as simple as the thermometer and as sophisticated as the CT scanner. Vacker Africa is a dedicated company to supply the best kinds of medical equipment in the African region because we know that health is the most important thing for people.

Different kinds of Medical Equipment by Vacker Africa

As we already know that, Vacker Africa provides different kinds of medical equipment in the African region, some of them are being discussed in brief:

  • Microscope

  • We provide microscope not only for the hospitals and labs but also schools that can be used for the educational purposes. Our microscope has been trusted by many medical personnel and lab technician working in the African region. We have various range of microscope that meets the customers demand. We are generally famous for our optical microscope but we provide other types of microscope too on demand.

  • Medical Refrigerators

  • Our specially designed medical refrigerators can be used to store different vaccines, medicines as well as samples of blood, urine, stool, etc. We understand that different medicines and vaccines worth millions of dollars are wasted due to improper storage during transportation. Our medical refrigerator assures the right temperature for the storage of medicines and vaccines. We supply two types of medical refrigerators, one that is powered by electricity and the other that is powered by solar energy. Solar medical refrigerators are especially useful in the regions where power cut is frequent.

  • Glucose Meter

  • Glucose Meter is a revolutionary device that helps to monitor the level of glucose in the blood of a person. With certain directions in the device, people can measure their blood sugar level without any help of medical personnel. Our glucose meter comes in different models and can be used in hospitals as well as households. They have helped thousands of diabetes patients to lead a healthy life.

  • Lab Equipment and Analyzers

  • Vacker Africa also supplies different types of lab equipment and analyzers in the African region. Different apparatuses, kits, utensils, machineries and devices required in the research work in the lab are all supplied by Vacker Africa within a reasonable price. Some of the equipment supplied are Bunsen Burner, Centrifuges, Thermometer, Calorimeter, Moisture Analyzer, etc.