Temperature mapping study of stability chamber in Africa

Temperature mapping study is a series of tests conducted to analyze the temperature distribution inside a closed area. A stability chamber is a chamber with a controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The purpose of a stability chamber is to simulate different temperature and humidity conditions.

In order to carry out the mapping study, vackerglobal offers temperature mapping study in africa we have to record the temperature and humidity inside the chamber under different conditions. For this purpose, we place a number of data loggers across the entire chamber. The distance between the data loggers depends on the size of the chamber. We normally use the sampling interval as one minute since stability chamber has to be highly accurate.

In order to decide the duration of the tests, the kind of application of the chamber also is important. If your normal usage of a particular application is 6 hours, you may carry out the test for a duration of 10-12 hours. However if your application requires continuous usage for 24 hours, the test duration will be 24-36 hours.

Sequence of tests of temperature mapping study for stability chamber

We have to carry out the tests under various conditions. For a humidity chamber, we will decide the test conditions based on the normal application scenarios. As an example we may use the following difference conditions:

  1. 20° Centigrade, 45% Relative humidity
  2. 20° Centigrade, 70% Relative humidity
  3. 40° Centigrade, 50% Relative humidity
  4. 40° Centigrade, 80% Relative humidity

This means that you will be generally using the above conditions in your applications. Hence you want to test and analyze whether the chamber maintains the above conditions satisfactorily. The permitted variations will be decided based on the applications of the client.

Type of tests for a stability chamber

For each of the above tests, different conditions are tested. The main tests are the following:

  1. Test under empty load conditions to test Temperature mapping study is carried out in Africa by VackerGlobal. whether the chamber maintains the conditions properly.
  2. Test under partial load conditions to test whether the temperature and humidity remain stable under these conditions. The percentage load is based on your normal application. If you use the chamber under 40% load during most of the time, it is better to test under 40% load.
  3. Test under fully loaded conditions to test the stability when the chamber is loaded completely.
  4. Tests to decide the time required for reaching the stability of each of the above conditions.

By analyzing the results of the above tests, we can find out whether the chamber is capable of maintaining the conditions properly.

Report of temperature mapping study

The report of a study will consist of the following details:

  1. The report will contain all the charts and data of each data logger for each of the above tests.
  2. Any variations during the tests will be separately reported.
  3. The chamber should be able to maintain the temperature and humidity without even a single variation beyond the permitted limits.

VackerGlobal carries out temperature mapping study of Vans, Cold rooms, warehouses, refrigerators, reefer trucks etc. for pharmaceutical industries. We provide our services in African countries covering Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Djibouti, Mauritius, Madagascar etc.

VackerGlobal carries out temperature mapping study for all type of applications. Please see our detailed guidelines on carrying out temperature mapping study.